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Breaking out in Rashes -- Help!!!

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hey guys,

has anyone here broken out in rashes from their accutane? i'm only on my 2nd month and last time i visited my derm i showed her how i had these tiny red bumps on my hands where my hair is. she said it was probably folliculitis and gave me some extra strength moisturizer for my hands. but tonight while i was watching tv my arm started itching and the bumps had spread from my hand all the way down my arm like halfway to my elbow. my mom gave me some cortisone and that seemed to calm it for a while but now i'm breaking out in the rash on my other arm, too. i thought i was just dry, but now i'm sure it's more than that. has anyone else experienced anything like this? it seems to only be affecting my body, not my face... any help would be great!!! thanks! :D

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It sounds like the excema I developed. Use a good moisturizer multiple times daily and avoid activities that will leave you dry (like swimming in a chlorinated pool or extremely hot showers, etc). Try the Olay in-shower moisturizer during the shower, and then any shea butter or other thick moisturizer 2-3x a day. That cleared mine up within days.

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wow i have the exact same thing you have. dont worry, it will go away. my derm gave me some cetaphil moisturizer and some topicort to use and it went away for a while.

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I have that "rash" all over my body. Althought its going away now its been around for a week. Its even manage to be in the palms of my hands, behind the ears, all over my chest and back, on my feet... you name it, I have it. Keep moisturizing and try to remain collected (it was driving me crazy)

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