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Red Marks, not fading...urge to kill, rising!

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Everywhere I've looked, including this site, says red marks left over from previous acne should fade in 4 to 6 months. But I have red marks back from the end of April on my nose and it's still there. And I have marks from last year on my cheek and it's still redish. They're not scars I don't think as it's smooth and there's no pit.

I find that if my zits get inflammed with a white sac and I extract the pus it actually heals up nicer. But I haven't had a full blown pussy zit since I started using BP religiously. Is this a side effect of BP, that the crap undernearth the skin don't get a way to leave after the breakout, as there's nothing to pop, and thus the skin it's having a hard time to heal up? I just remember my face's red marks healed up quicker when I was on Retin A...but then it made my face redder too, perhaps that's why my marks didn't look as red. I started that lemon juice and vinegar routine back in the summer but I got lazy and stopped in Sept. Should I go back on it? And I don't think Neutrogena's Acne Treatment works for me. It just makes my marks redder. T_T

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I'm having the same problem.

My only advice is to just go and get something professionally done, like microdermabrasion or a chemical peel.

Because if they were to have faded on their own, they would have by now with or without the use of OTC/prescription creams or scrubs. So I say you take it into your hands and get them removed for good.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

I have many redmarks that have been there for years. They certianly don't go away by themselves.

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Ok, this is freaking me out. When I was in my teens, I had pretty inflammatory acne. But once they popped and drained, the marks will fade. Even huge ones the size of a quarter on my forehead.

But now, virtually none of my marks are fading. I usually get hard bumps on my face. I'd wash my face and put BP on it and usually it'll disappear. But few nasty ones stay hard and the hardness won't go away for at least a week. They're not too big though. But I never get a white center in them. When it does go away, the skin on top peals and what's underneath stays reddish and smooth for the longest time. It's almost as if my skin on the face is not healing itself properly and stops half way. WTF!!??! ](*,)

I gouged my finger pretty hard at work a week and a half ago and took a whole chunk of skin off. And even that has healed up and nicely with a scab and no redness underneath and surrounding it. I seriously think all the topical I've tried over the years, e.g RetinA, BP, have retarded the growth of my facial skin. Anyone else out there experiencing this? And if so what sort of topical did you use and are you using now? I have a feeling it might be the BP. Like I said, I've never experienced this with Retin A despite it not being nearly as good for preventing breakouts. I'm wondering if I should go off BP and only use it as a touch up now instead of a base under the moisturizer.

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Rocky: Unfortunately, it may take longer for your skin to heal than 4 to 6 months. 4-6 months is probably a rough estimate of how long they last for the majority of acne sufferers.

If the vinegar method was working for you, then go ahead and try it again. There are also other treatments on this site. Please check out the FAQ and other threads for more options.

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