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Product recommendations complete with before/after photos.

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Ok, some of you may have seen my album in the Galleries, I am completely clear now and I am going to tell you all what i've done.

When I first went to the dermatologist I looked like this:


However, after a visit to the sdermatologist he prescribed the following:

Tazorac Gel (still apply this, works WONDERS!!!)

Finivin Cream

Amoxcicillin antibiotic

A vitamin (which everyone should take anyway)

What he had me do was make 3 dots on each region of my face, 9 total to make sure I didnt use to much which CAN cause breakouts, THERE IS SUCH THING AS TO MUCH!

3 on forehead

1 left cheek, 1 right cheek, 1 nose/over lip

1 left side of chin, 1 middle of chin, 1 right side of chin (or jaw)

It was that easy. In just 3 weeks or so i began to recieve comments about my skin, and how it was finally clearing up like all my friends said it would. I was ecstatic, if you've seen my album then you'll know I'm all clear and have been since about January 2003 when myu life started to take a great turn. Because of these results I was cast as a lead in the school musical, I could have never done that with acne.

These are pics of my skin now, please compare and Good Luck! This worked for me it can work for you.






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Those are pretty good results. No offense, but in the first pic you look like a poor mexican, and in the last pic you look like a regular suburban white kid. Go figure. Fantastic results, btw.

So what has worked the best?

You said you've been clear since Jan. 2003, when did you visit the derm (i.e., how long were you on those products before you were completely clear)?

Also, how long did it take for the red marks to go away?

How long were you taking Amoxicillin for?

And what's your current regimen right now? Is your face still oily?

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My first dermatologist appointment was in august of 2002. By January of 2003 I was nearly all clear. The redmarks took a little while to fade, but they all eventually faded to nothing.

My regime now is wash face with moisturizing cleanser (just cause i can, dont have to use oil free stuff anymore but i wouldnt reccomend for current acne sufferers) and then apply tazorac gel. It keeps me clear and gives my face a healthy glow, I wouldnt call it oil. Thanks for your support everyone GOOD LUCK!

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That's awesome man! You didn't start out half bad anyway!

I just started a Tazorac regimen and so far it has made my face look worse than it ever has. Less than 1 week in though, so we will see how it goes.

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Dont be discouraged, that happens in the beginning.

What it is doing is getting all of the zits just waiting to come out one by one and having them all come to the surface at once, so it can destroy the fuckers. Good luck!!

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What is Finivin Cream?

Do you apply the Tasorac only 1 time per day or 2 times. You weren't very clear on the am/pm routine.

YOu look great by the way smile.gif

And how much A vitamin and do you still take that?

How many weeks on the antibiotics?

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