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accutane effecting my eyes : /

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For the last month or so...I've realised that my vision has gone kinda blurry and i cant concentrate my eyes on things comfortably anymore...i dunno its reali hard 2 explain but sumthing definately feels wrong :(

I kinda mentioned it to my derm last week and she told me to call her if i started getting headaches along with it....so if i call...she's going to take me off it.....if i continue then im probli going to go blind!

damn these side effects!!!

what do i do :confused:

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Yeah, that happened to me, too. Hopefully it will go away. Mine is a combo of inability to focus and this weird film over my eyes. I finished my course yesterday so I will let you know how quickly it goes away.

Why does the derm say you might go blind if you continue? Personally, I'd rather wear glasses the rest of my life than have cysts all over my face. But, that's just me.

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I'm not sure if my eye sight is stuffing up bcoz of tane...or because of the fact that im on the comp too much...mainly doing assignments...i think ill book in an appointment with the eye dr....its driving me crazy...i think id rather have acne rather than have poor eye sight!!! :(

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Are you using moisturizing eye drops? Wear contacts?

i've tried 2 types already....doesnt seem 2 make a different :confused:

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