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Please add to list of GOOD doctors/derms/aestheticians etc..

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LOVE mentioned that the regular docs (like Dr Chu and Rappaport) often get mentioned here ... I think this would be a great place for people to share information about who performed their procedures and what kind of results were achieved.

Please list:

1. Name of Doc/aesthetician/beautician/make-up-artist/tatooer etc..

2. Location and contact details

3. Procedures performed

4. Results? What happened.

5. How much you were charged

Please share - thanks!

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OK, I'll start!

Dr Tony Chu - derm/surgeon, specialising in acne and acne scars.

Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road, London, UK

Appointments office: 020 838 5000

he buy 3 get 1 free 2oz Camellia oil

You will need a referal from your GP. NHS is available (not for Isolagen)

Performs: Punch excisions, subcision, NLite, Isolagen.

I've had subcision, NLite and excision - the excisions were better for my type of scarring (pits), subcision helped a little, I can't say I saw results from NLite though.

Very nice and understanding doc, as good as you can get in the UK, and his staff are extremely pleasant.

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1. Dr. Michael Turner

Colorado Springs, CO

Subcision & N-Lite

Good results

Can't recall, but under $1,000

2. Dr. Nathan Troookman

Colorado Springs, CO

CO2 Laser

Good results, but I have aged since then - results have diminished greatly

Approximately $3,000

3. Judy Ferguson

New Innovations

Colorado Springs, CO

Skin Needling

Just had this done, so cannot rate as of yet.

$150 for all of my scars (I have them all over my cheeks)

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Miserable: I have had numerous punch excisions done by Dr. George Hruza in St. Louis. He has a Website at www.lasersurgeryUSA.com. His phone number is (314) 878-3839. I don't know what his expertise is with dark skinned people. I have generally been pleased with the results of my procedures, although a few didn't turn out as I hoped. I knew the risks going in. If he can't help, maybe he can refer you to someone.

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i live in the philippines..

Here is my doc who performs a second layer stich... He is 74 years old, dr. SIA TIONG GAM(PLASTIC SURGERY)...Located in Metropolitan Hospital (more than 40+years of training and experience) and Chinese General Hospital both are in Manila...He's a good plastic surgeon(has many experiences)..all scar revision he performs(1st and second layer stich)...He was once a president of philippine assocaition of plastic surgery in manila year 1996-97 and the oldest...He has many chinese patients treated by him..Consultation is free, charge about scar revision maybe 180 u.s dollars..please give me a message when you want to travel in the philippines ..There inside his office you can see the picture of first lady Imelda Marcos(Pres. Ferdinand Marcos wife)and SEnator Miriam Defensor Santiago who had gone for treatment by him but it was a long time ago(i donno what did the first lady and the senator gone for treatment).

If anyone is interested give him a call for appoinment in hospital..Please remember that the success depends on the hands of surgeons..

Chinese General Hospital, tel # (02 area code of manila)-(7114141)

Metropolitan Hospital, tel#(02)-(2550401)


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performs TCA-CROSS in San Diego.

very friendly and understanding. has been through the trauma of acne scars herself. cheap rate (under 200 per treatment)....only requires one treatment for some/most patients. not a money hungry cosmetic surgeon...is a solid dermatologist practioner that has been doing CROSS on three patients a week for over a year.

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Doctor James Romano in San Francisco is an incredible plastic surgeon. I had artecoll done by him, but is really useless for my type of scars

( boxcars). But his assistant Kirsten performed the TCA Cross treatment to a few of my scars. I have had 2 treatments so far, with 50% improvement. $275 per treatment.

Good Luck,


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