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what are my chances of being prescribed accutane?

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first some background:

i'm 20 years old and had acne for the past 4 years. i've used tons of OTC acne products, just about everything under the sun, and while i've found some products that control it, nothing i do seems to eliminate it. my acne varies from mild to moderate, i have skin that always seems to be either too oily or too dry (usually too oily). i don't get cystic pimples very often but when i do, they are nasty. unfortunately i don't have a picture but right now, i only have 2 actual pimples with a whole bunch of other red marks from zits that have dried up and are going away. my skin never clears, i always have at least a couple fresh zits and a bunch of "leftovers".

i also get acne on my back with a bit more frequency than i get it on my face. this isn't as big of a concern (people aren't looking at my back on a daily basis) but it's still a concern. the back acne hasn't been so bad lately because it's winter but in summer i get huge cystic lumps deep under the skin.

i've never been to the dermatologist but i think it's about time i suck it up and go. having never been to the doctor for this, i've never been prescribed anything and i know accutane is viewed as the treatment of last resort. i don't know if i can handle any more "experimentation" and i'd really like to just jump to the product that nearly always works. so i guess i'm asking what my chances are. i'm betting they're not good but i don't know if anyone on here can relate anything useful or a similar story. i'm really down on myself about this and i know i need to do something...

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I had a similar problem..

I never had the *worst* acne ever, it was just a few cysts at a time, some smaller red pimples on my forehead and assorted whiteheads.

I went through lots of topicals and some antibiotics, and they didn't work brilliantly, so I got accutane after a while. I'd say I was mild-moderate.

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What I did was tell my derm that I had tried everything I could think of, OTC, prescription meds, whatever even if I didn't use all of those (just mostly OTC products) and she prescribed me accutane. It is a last resort medication after all.

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