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Is tea tree oil as effective as BP?

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After dumping chemical after chemical on my face for YEARS - i have literally been using BenzolPeroxide on my face daily for almost 10 years now - i want to go a more natural route.

You can see my regimen in my sig below -

Over the past 6 months or so I've slowly been replacing my chemical products with natural ones.

First it was my exfoliator(s) from glycolic acid pads and alpha hydroxie pastes and microdermabrasion to Apple Cider vinegar. - I saw a big improvement in my skin texture and tone.

Then I switched my salayic acid moisturiser to pure jojoba oil. - I saw more improvement with my skin.

Then I switched my cleanser to Pure Olive Oil Soap - I'm seeing less dryness in my skin.

Now I'm looking to replace my BP. I have tried to just not use it but everytime I stop using it for a couple days, I start to break out a few days later. I know it's the BP keeping the acne in check. Going natural with the other products has done wonders for the tone and texture of my skin -- but the BP is the real acne fighter.

I've heard Tea Tree Oil (on some websites claim ) that it is as effective as BP. My questions are -

Has anyone here sucsesfully replaced their BP with teatree oil?

How do you Use/Apply it? I would be interested in whole face application like the BP.

I have looked at it in the store and it is sold in very little bottle's. So i'm assuming you would only use a few drops and apply it like I apply the Jojoba Oil? At what point in my regimine would I apply it? Before the Jojoba like I do with the BP?

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are u lookin to replace BP as a spot treatment....or your entire face?

I use BP in mass quantities on my whole face in order to keep the acne at bay.

So Im looking for a natual "whole face" treatment to replace the BP. Something that will prevent the acne from forming as the BP seems to do for me.

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