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Important question about red marks and accutane.

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I'm currently taking accutane and I would like to know if this prescription drug is a cure for getting rid of red marks. For those who have already finished the accutane treatment, did accutane help fade away those red marks, or did it make the red marks more visible?

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Well I never took accutane but....... When I first started taking meds to clear up my bad case of ance it took about 5 months for my red marks to clear up. They really clear up over time. But I also had acne for awhile before i ever took meds. Good luck.

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I am taking accutane right now, and my red marks used to be bright red, and I can already see that they are getting lighter. I mean they are still there, but it is not even as bad as it was before. That would be cool if accutane did help to fade these red marks! I would be sooo happy!

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That would be cool if accutane did helped to fade red marks. The problem now with my face is not the acne, its the red marks. They're everywhere on my face. Everytime I got a pimple, it would be the size of a tiny bead. After the pimple went away, it would leave this awful red mark. I'm on 2nd month of accutane, and so far, my red marks are beginning to look more visible. It's so annoying.

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