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What I've found to stay almost totally acne free

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I apologize in advance for the fact that I won't be responding to replies given in this thread, as I'm extremely busy running my new company.

However, I have some advice that may prove helpful to others.

I did the regimen, and adhered to it well, and found it to be extremely useful (got to either perfect, or close to perfect, while on it). However, we all know the problems inherent in the regimen - stained clothes, exceedingly long applications, etc.

The basic reason, in my mind anyways lol, that the regimen works is that you constantly have something in your skin that stops the acne from developing. Two daily applications of a cream that sits in your skin, that prevents acne, works wonders. That's why, I imagine, the regimen typically fails if you don't adhere to it strictly.

I've always assumed (and still do) that my logic for why it worked was correct, but at one point I decided it wasn't even worth the messy applications and staining clothes, etc. I slowly moved away from the regimen, and the acne came back. Well, I started using face pads again (salicylic acid / alcohol type pads), but instead of just daily, I used the 'regimen' mindset - keep my face permanently blasted with somethign that prevents acne.

So, I would use pads at least 2 times daily, 3 was ideal. Very rarely would it be only 1 application. I've been doing this for a while now, and found it to work just as well as the regimen. In fact, sometimes I lapse, and my acne comes right back. That's when I head down to the store to get more pads, to keep them in more places (ideally I have some in my room, some at work, and some in the bathroom).

I've found pads to work just as well as the bp regimen, but only when applied wiht the same regularity. I was actually just rubbing my face with a pad, noticing how I barely have any acne right now (have been a little lax lately, I get almost none when I'm perfectly diligent), and realized I should probably share this.

In addition to working just as well, here's some bonuses that I've found with this approach:

- I don't wash my face before using pads, I just grab one and wipe my face (gently). If I just get out of the shower, I always use one, but if it's just during the day, a simple 20-30 second wiping is all I do.

- no long applications, no stained clothes, no special ordering.

Again, I apologize I won't likely be responding in this thread (although if I'm free and it crosses my mind I certainly will post again). Also, there's a couple disclaimers I should make. First, I'm 23, so it's entirely possible that this 'realization' about acne control is really just my body making less acne. The acne : pad usage ratio seems to correlate very tightly, so I doubt this, but feel it should be mentioned. Also, I use (inspired by the regimen) weak face pads. Up north I used oxy gentle pads. I'm now down south, adn they don't sell them anywhere, so what I do is just put regular (read: dry) face pads, put htem in my oxy container, douse with astringent (salicylic acid + alcohol) and water to dilute a little.

When I have pads easily accessible, it's practically zero inconvenience to keep my face clean, and my acne away. Good luck!

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