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As some of you older members may have known, i went on accutane from March 13th, 2006 to the end of August 2006. The last 3 months of the treatment was the best ive ever had in my life acne-wise. There were ZERO pimples, ZERO oil, and i could go to work not being self-conscious about my acne.

Unfortunately, thats where the story stops being so good. Right after i stopped accutane, the oil slowly but surly started coming back, although not as bad as before. It's been almost 6 months since i ended accutane and right after i stopped i started getting pimples again. The funny thing is i started gettting pimples on my forehead and nose, and i can honestly say even before accutane i never had a pimple on my nose and probably only 3-4 on my forehead.

Then a few more months went by and my skin started to calm down a little. Now i only have about 10 tiny (almost not noticeable) red dots on my face and a whitehead here and there. I still get some small pimples on my forehead but not many at all.

The moral of this post was...if ur looking for a way to stop ur acne, GO ON ACCUTANE. I only had mild acne but it made my life stress free and continues to do so today. My whole life used to revolve around acne, now i can live it freely with a few pimples here and there which is no big deal to me. Accutane was a very good investment and i would not hesitate to use it again if my acne comes back stronger.

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