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Parasite Cleansing and probiotics

OKay so I decided since I want to do a liver flush and its been awhile, Ill do what everyone recommends and do a parasite cleanse just in case [i have no symtoms or anything and Ive done a parasite flush in the past but its been about a year]. Im gonna use paragone because it says it has anti candida properties as well.

In the past 6 months or so Ive really been focusing on getting my bowel function back on track. I figured out that for a lot of reasons, I was lacking good bacteria in my digestive track. I would eat really well, eat tons of fiber, etc. but no matter what my bowels were still sluggish. I wouldnt be constipated just wouldnt go very often, like every other day maybe. So Ive invested a lot in probiotics and they have helped a lot. I go once or twice a day now and things seem to be constantly improving the longer I am on probiotics.

So my question basically is, will the herbs in the parasite flush hurt the delicate cultures of probiotics Im finally growing in my intestines? It took a while of being on the probiotics to really see positive results, Im a little scared the parasite cleanse will just erase all that from my system and ruin all the work Ive done. Should I continue taking the probiotics while doing the parasite flush? I just dont want to put the probiotics in and have them immediately be killed and waste my money.

Any info would be appreciated, especially from all you experianced liver flushers and cleansers on the board. Thanks! :)

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My first thought is yes, the herbs in the parasite/candida flush are going to go to work on the "friendly" bacteria you have in your intestines. But, it may be worth it as you cleanse your system and rebuild with probiotics after the flush. Have you checked over on askshelley.com? She's got a plethora of info on just what you are asking about.

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Ive looked around a bit but its hard to find an answer to the question specifically. Im still gonna do the flush either way its just kinda frustrating, Id feel the same way if I had to take antibiotics right now. Ill check that site, thanks :)

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