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Annoyed as hell at my derm/IPledge

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So I went to the derm's office on Thursday to get my new prescription. My pills were going to run out on Saturday so I went on Thursday so they could give me the blood test and have my results in my Friday to put in the system. The nurse told me I would be able to pick up my prescription by Saturday so I wouldn't have to go a day without taking it.

Well...that didn't happen. I couldn't access the system all weekend and here it is Monday and I STILL couldn't get in. So I called the derm's office and got the nurse's line answering machine. I told them the problem and asked them politely to PLEASE put me in the system so I can pick up my pills today.

About an hour ago, the nurse called me and told me that she did put me in the system so I could answer my questions. I was relieved...until I finished the questions up and it said "Your prescriber needs to confirm your monthly pregnancy test results.."

So I called the nurse's line again...in which I got the answering machine AGAIN. They better start getting off their asses and start putting me in my results so I can get my pills! I'm leaving for Florida tonight so I need it by this evening (I said this on the message).

Anyway, I'm so stressed/pissed/annoyed right now. Just needed to vent..I hate having to rely on people to do their jobs so I can get my pills.

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