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starting accutane today!!! eek...

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well i've had problem skin since i was about 13. nothing really that horrible, but just enough so it was pretty frikin annoying. plus a bit of redness to boot. my dermatologist never suggested accutane to me, but my friend (who has amazingly clear skin) told me that she used accutane about 10 or so years ago and it totally helped and cleared her up. so after a bit of trouble (haha so much red tape to get around with this stuff) i've started my regmin today! its 30mg. i took one pill this morning and ate some chocolate covered almonds and a luna bar...wanted to eat more fat i guess. i dont really eat that much fatty food...is there a certain amount that is generally thought to be best?

i'm also kind of nervous about the scary side effects...i recently "broke up" with this guy....we never were really dating, but we were definately in a relationship...we were friends first so no one knows about whats happened. he wants to still be friends but its hard...and he has this new girl he is seeing...and i work with him! hahaha. oy! well yeah, i've been kind of down about that. not depressed or anything. i hope this stuff dosent make anything worse... :confused: and i also like to go to the gym alot. i only run, use the eplitical, and lift weights (nothing heavy)...though not all that at once! also, i do like to go out and drink...should i try cut down on the drinking? ha i probably should just because i get a little bit wild! hehehe.

well anyways, i'll try and post everyday, and i'll try and not be so talky. yike yike yikes hope this is worth it!

bye bye all! :ninja: (i'm a ninja! lol)

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dayyyy #2....

nothings changed really, execpt i'm super thirsty ALL THE TIME. i seriously drank so much water i don't even know. i was also really tired yesterday, but i dont know if its the med or the fact that i ran almost 7 miles yesterday. heh. hope everyone is doing well! bye!

-me :)

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DAY 3!

hi all!!!

they thanks pcpwns! water is my new best friend. :D


yesterday was weird. at work my right arm muscle was a little sore, but again, i dont know if it was because of the drugs or because of my running 7mi the day before. im not working out today to see if it was the drugs or if it was the workout. (also, its snowing here - i can't be bothered!) i was really thirsty yesterday as well. also, my head felt a little funny, but im not sure if it was because of my job (i stare at a computer for 8 hours, i've had headaches before) or the meds...i guess i'll have to keep a sharp eye on how i feel today, hopefully nothing is amiss! :pray:

well i've got to get going!!! have a great day all!!! LOST is tonight! whoo!!



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day 4!

i was so busy yesterday i forgot to post! but i guess its better because right now the # day i am on is correctly corresponding to what i am writing about. does that make sense?

anyway! yesterday was different!! my face was really dry and also starting to get dry skin. i had to use lots of moisturizer which i've never done really. also, i hardly wore any makeup. mostly because i use pressed powder, and that just drys out my face. ladies, any recommendations on what kinda makeup is best?

still drinkin lotsa water. everything else is good. no headaches yesterday, no achy bones. must've been that run! maybe i should take it easy haha.

happy friday everyone! :dance: enjoy your weekends!! i hope i dont drink too much this weekend... :confused: hahaha

bye bye,


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