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hi, i'm new on here. i've read some peoples experiences and they are quite interesting and it seems everyone is reacting or not in a different way. i've been on accutane now for a moth and two weeks. was taking 40mg for a month, now up to 40 one day and 80 the next. my face is clear which i haven't experienced in nine years. i have.. i mean had hehe cystic acne. no fun. my problem here is this, i'm a very high strung, emotional(at times), some what depressed 22 yr old. well pretty much normal i guess. but now i'm freakin a loony case. well i thought it was just everyone else, but my best friend is convinced it is the accutane. my mom and dad think it's the tane too. now i know that the mind is a power thing and people (including myself) can psch themselves out. knowing all the stuff that can happen may be freaking my friend out... and myself. it gets quite annoying listening to her blame all of my actions on the tane. although i have missed 3 days of work do to crying. and skipped out on some get togethers cause i don't really wanna be around anyone. i'm really parinoid(sp) and anxious. all together just ancy. i'm going back and forth with myself about this, if it's because of the tane. nothing in my life has changed besides fighting with my best friend about things. so... i see the dermatologist tomorrow. i really don't want to be off of this. i've never been on a med for anxiety or depression. i'm so confused. please give me some input. :wacko

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