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How do they do it?

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There are a lot of people I know, classmates, family, etc that are able to eat many MANY greasy things that would give me outbreaks within hours, and on a regular basis, too, but their skin is clear of acne and perfectly fine... however, I can almost PREDICT whether or not something will give me acne before I eat it.. I mean, I've heard many things about some people needing to watch what they eat, but having outbreaks after 1 meal.. isn't it a bit ridiculous? I'm seventeen right now, and I've heard that people can "outgrow" it, but I've been told that since I was around the age of fifteen.

Perhaps it's all in my head? Sometimes, even when I think of greasy foods (have to think hard.. or smell it) I get the feeling that my skin is oily and sometimes I even have breakouts just from that! Is it natural? I try to eat healthy and keep wash my face a couple times a day, but it seems as one inflammation goes away, two new ones come...

I've tried to just boycott "bad" foods, but sometimes I'm in a situation where I don't have a choice (vacation, family dinner, etc). Isn't there any other way around it?

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my opinion is that its all genetic susceptability.

our genes are constantly reacting to our inner dietary environment, this may have led some of us toward a path of developing acne and will for surely lead to other diseases, and this is a real science known as nutrigenomics and is taught and practiced at some universitys. but its a new science of course.

The goals of this science is to analyze our individual gene structure and what diseases we are at risk for, and there should be a corresponding photochemical or phytonutrient or vitamin presribed so that our diet will not ellicit the gene modulation required to develop that specific disease. Pretty advanced medicine hey?

but thats why some people get acne and some dont, and some will develop it spontaneously out of nowhere where some will develop it slowly over time, and some will just get it their teens(just hormones), and it is true that some will out grow their acne but i thinks thats only for mild cases. the people that eat like crap and dont get acne will most likely get something else at some point in their life but it only unfortunate for us that we have to deal with an immediate health problem that we cant ignore. its literally right in our face or rather on our face and must be dealt with.

its all whatever cards you were dealt in life and thats the best way to understand it.Looking at it that way you also realize that other people were dealt even much worse hands.

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