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Acne has basically been ruining my life. I live in an apartment and my best friends have never seen my true skin. I put make up on from the minute i wake up, the minute i go to bed. I stay up later then all of them just to be sure I can take off my make up without anyone seeing, and get up early to do the same. I dont find myself as attractive, which makes me believe others feel the same way. What really irritates me is when a friend will say " oh my skin looks horrible today"and theres pretty much nothing wrong with it. This makes me wonder if they can even see my acne under my make up, or if their too ignorant to realize who they are talking to. The worst thing is i work at a camp in the summer and don't go under water so my make up won't wash off. Its annoying and quite frankly depresses me. Im so tired of living like this...I hate my skin with a passion and just want this acne thing to end. Im at the point where Im starting to think it never will. Does anyone else just get the feeling that people who don't have acne don't see how truly destructing it is? Im so ready for this phase of my life to be overrrrrr.

Sorry, just venting, any thoughts?

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if they never had acne then they have no clue how horrible it is. my teenage years have been a total waste. i'm 20 now and i hate my life. i got 0 friends and i've never had a girlfriend. i want to look good so i can be happy :(.

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Yes, most people without acne don't know what it puts us through on a daily basis. Don't worry, many people feel like you. Things will get better for all of us one day.

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