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Alpha Hydrox Souffle + ACV?

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So I finally bought the Alpha Hydrox 12% AHA Souffle today at Rite-Aid (couldn't find it in Walgreen's!)

Anyway, I've been using ACV for a long time now as a toner, morning and night. I really like it. I think it has helped my redmarks, and it really seems to prevent new breakouts.

I'm wondering if there is any reason why I might need to stop using this if I use the Alpha Hydrox? I plan on using the AHA souffle at night as a moisturizer. Would it be a bad idea to use ACV as a toner before applying this though?

Also, for anyone who's used both, would the Alpha Hydrox Souffle alone be effective in preventing new breakouts, so maybe I wouldn't have to use both?

Thanks, just want to know if there are any dangers/concerns about using ACV before the Alpha Hydrox Souffle. I use all natural products so I usually don't have to worry about weird reactions.

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I was using alpha hydrox 12% & clensing face, i broke out bad, alpha hydrox breaks u out eventually, i had to start, i always used acv with bp, when istarted clearing up i continued acv & used alphahydrox afterwards.

acv + alpha hydrox doesn't cause irratation. i'll update after another & see what results

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Well I'm about to go to sleep and I just put it on my whole face for the first time. I've been doing a patch test under my ear for the past few days and haven't had any irritation or breakouts. I used ACV & my TTO spot-treatment, then put the Alpha Hydrox on. It felt a little tingly, but I think that's just my first-time reaction to the AHA. It was very minor. I'm just hoping I don't break out! I'm expecting some initial purging since all the reviews I've read describe that... but hopefully it works well after that.

And I really hope I don't get big, cystic pimples like some of the reviews I read said! Eeek.

Also I followed it with one of my regular moisturizers. I usually don't moisturize at all at night, but the directions said to follow it with another moisturizer, and I did and it helped with the tingling/dryness.

Ok, here's hoping I don't wake up in the morning with worse skin! -_-

EDIT: Ok, so I woke up with new new blemishes! And I REALLY thought my redmarks looked quite a bit lighter. May just be my mind fooling me. But yeah, no irritation so far, after the first application. That's a good sign, right? I would think weird reactions usually happen most the first time you use something. My skin looked a little dry/flaky before I washed it this morning, but moisturizer took care of that, and it was very minor. Doesn't seem to be any negative effect of using ACV & tea tree oil products with Alpha Hydrox! I think I will only use this at night though, since it's kind of an intense treatment in my opinion.

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