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This DOES work!!!!

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I am 30 yrs old and had acne since 15... mild to mod at times...

I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Last year i spent close to $5k at the derm try'n to figure out my prob... Funny part is i have found more usefull info on this website and its FREE!!!!

Things i have learned...

BP will clear ur face if u use it morn and night (lots of it, DANS IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN. F da on da spot shit)

BP makes my skin look more oily, but maybe it is the moisturizer... something i can live with for now... i am try'n to find a good moisturizer... but think it is a lost cause!!!

Sudocream works... put on thick, seams to work on my body where bp didnt... (TY Maverick, ur da coolest guy on here)

Tang is the only thing that i know that is close to a cure, i did it once when i was 18 and i was totaly clear... I didnt have a oily face then

Obaji Clear was something i did for awhile, expensive but this shit will clear ur freakles and everything else (no lie).. u will have a even toned skin...

Jury is out on ACV... i am still drink'n it, but i think it is good for da body so ohhh wellllll

Take Zinc and feel da pain in the stomich.. but i think this stuff works too!!!!

That Zit Zapper thingy that we have all seen ($250) does NOT work!!!!

I belive there is a cure for ACNE somewhere in a lab, but look how much money everyone is maken off of acne treatments!!!!!!!!

This is the best web site for ACNE!!!!!!!

later my friends

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Hi NewKB. I am in my 30's also and have had acne since I was 13. I am also new to this. I started the regimen about a week and a half ago. I use the Purpose bar soap, 2.5 BP lotion left over from Proactiv adventure, and a generic brand of the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. A week ago my chin and jawline were broke out horribly and I had a few stray pimples on the sides of my face and forehead. As of today, there's no new acne since I started the regimen and the old ones are drying up and going away. I dont use as much of the BP as Dan recommends and I decided to keep my regimen very simple. I have ultra sensitive skin and simple is better because of the reactions I have to so many different kinds of products. This seems to be working for me so the answer to your question is "yes, this really works."

Did you start the regimen? If so, I wish you success. Lorrie

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