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I've JUST realized that I've been depressed about my acne for nearly 2 years... It changed me as a person, and I RARELy wanted to go out in public.

My extremely cute and sweet g/f wanted to go out with me to meet friends etc, but I never went... I couldn't tell her that I was embarassed of my spots, though it didn't seem like they bothered her. Instead I made her feel like shit for going out rather than staying home with me (all of the time)... I really hurt her, on multiple occasions !!! Understandably she got sick of constantly being rejected and made feel guilty so she started to go out with her friends on her own..... As she went out, I started to become angry/jealous and that made her want to go out even more... So it became a vicious circle....

Well, last week things became really bad and basically we decided to break up.... At first, I also wanted to break-up, because I thought we had no future together... But as a few days went by I analysed the situation more clearly I was able to (for the first time in my life) realize that my insecurities about my spots were completely controlling my life, and my thoughs and I had been depressed.... I felt really amazing as soon as I realised this because I felt like I had uncovered the problem, and I told her about it.... She was extremely surprised, she felt really bad for me, and she was upset that I didn't tell her... Now I know that I can fix my acne and my mind, and I know that when I get back to my "old self" my g/f and I will be happy again...... However, she seems to have lost feelings for me.... She cares about me, but says she can no longer be my g/f... She feels betrayed that I kept this a secret from her at the expense of hurting her............. The thing is, I fully understand her, and I cannot blame her.... I just wish she can understand that I did not do it intentionally and I wasn't even realizing it myself......

Is there anything I can tell her to make her understand??? I realize that there is a one in a million chance that she would still want to be with me... But I love her that much that I am willing to do anything to be happy with her again, and to see her happy again.

FINALLY, if you are hiding your problem from your significant other, tell them NOW... They will understand and still love you, otherwise you will make the mistake I made and lose the person you love the most !!!!

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Well it is depression and technically it may have first been your acne but it definetly lead to real depression. If someone is depressed they tend to hide a lot of stuff and aren't very outgoing. If she doesn't understand that, then explain that the person that was there wasn't you. You aren't a depressed person who can't handle going out because of some spots. Just explain that with depression comes a lot of serious changes and now that you figured things out, I would tell her things will change completely.

She can't just say you hid that from me and there is a barrier. You just didn't want her to feel like she was pushing you out of this "depressed" comfort zone. You really wanted her to feel like she was important and you didn't mean to put any stress on the relationship. I can't imagine her really missing the point that a depressed person has some serious struggles with themselves. I hope she can understand this and I wish you all the well. It really sucks losing a good/true gf.

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