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mineral makeup + moisturizer

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is it cool to use a moisturizer/spf before using any of these mineral makeups? i have hideously dry skin and want to switch over from using a liquid foundation to one of these mineral ones but im afraid my skin might be too sticky after using a moisturizer.

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Guest Mumblesorusjen

i always use moisturizer before any makeup including mineral. Its important because it provides a smooth surface for the makeup to go on and provides better more even coverage because of the smoothness. Just be sure to wait for all the moisturizer to soak in before applying the mineral makeup.


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Yes. If your skin is dry you need a moisturizer. Overly dry skin is never good....especially for someone prone to breakouts (yes it's true, dry skin will make acne worse). You could also try a liquid mmu like Illuminare (illuminarecosmetics.com). I find the Extra Coverage/Concealer formula to be best (I mix with a bit of moistruizer for better spreadability and natural look). MAkes a great foundation and as a concealer covers everything. I'm not breakout prone except for certain times of the month but I do suspect Fantastic Finish was the cause of a few whiteheads the next day. It's a hydrating finish. I found Ultimate All Day fromula to be extremely drying. YOu can get a sample pack of all shades and finishes for $10.

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