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Please help me avoid another scar.

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In case you are all having a feeling of Dejavu, I posted this on 'The Regimen' by mistake. Here goes again.....

I heard from another site that Lemon Juice was an excellent remedy for scars. Mine are deep pits. I tried it a few months ago on one scar and was amazed at the results, it really worked.

2 weeks ago I decided to try it on another one. But it seems to have mnade it worse #-o . Whereas before it was an icepick, it seems to be forming into a biiger scar - another deep pit ](*,) And it is soooo noticable, on the front of my nose.

My skin has been fairly clear over the last few years (except for one time I came off dianette) But because of this latest, and may I add self inflicted, episode, the old feelings of dispair are coming back. I dont want to go out - I have dodged my friends for 2 weeks now. My mum showed me a magazine with recommendations for Bio-Oil (does it work?) so shes noticed what Ive done.

How can I stop this scar being permanent? Ive tried to leave it alone, moisturise it, Ive tried calamine lotion. What next? I feel awful. Ive not seen my partner for a few weeks, hes working away, and Im due to see him this weekend, I need to improve it by then, I cant have him see me like this. I dont care if the skin is red, that can be covered up, but I cant have this pit staying.


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I can't of course be sure, but I somehow doubt you permanently scarred your nose with lemon juice. My guess is that the area you treated is just still red and therefore looks larger and or more indented. Just leave it alone for now and use some cover up. Please keep your chin up and if you want to try the lemon juice treatment on more scars just stay clear of your nose.

I'm rooting for you!


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This is a tough situation because it is at the tip of your nose. Its a really akward place to put a bandaid.

If I were you, I get a good quality band-aid from the store, maybe one of those new super-adhesive ones that look like skin.

Get one of those and cut a piece out of one to cover the tip of your nose. Use neosporin and the band-aid over night, and this will aid in production of fresh skin.

Neosporin can do wonders when it is kept in and remains moist.

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Thanks guys for your replies! I will try and cover it up and leave it alone. Im never sure what to do; cover it to protect it, let the air get to it, moisturise, dry it up, aarrgghh! It feels like when I get a breakout (my breakouts are huge big lumps which are there for weeks on end) then my every thought is consumed with how to get rid of it. Im trying to stay calm, I know stress doesnt help.

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