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need help with a toner

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i have no idea how much to exfoliate...is that what toning means?sorry guys but im not sure and thought this would be the place to ask......ive used proactive...the green bottle in that system(iguess its the toner?) made my skin feel dry..and i wouldnt wear it out because it was really shinny....then i tried dr murads system...that toner was kind worse...it was like a gel and hardened my skin......i dont know how much to tone or exfoliate or how often...or what signs my skin will give off that i need to often or not often......any help would be greatttt...products or tips

thanks for your time


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Toning doesn't mean exfoliating. Using a toner tightens pores, and wipes away any left over cleanser, or make-up if you're a girl, from you're face. I use ACV as a toner and it's helping alot with my acne, even though i'm purging right now, but I also liked l'oreal hyrdafresh toner.

You're skin won't really show any signs that you need to exfoliate.

You can chemical exfoliate or manually.

Chemical wise you can apply Paula's Choice BHA Gel.

Manual wise you can use something sort of abrasive. I like to mix sugar in my cleanser and rub it gently across my face. And many people on here use a baby brush.

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