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I've noticed for the past few days when I wake up, my left eye is reddish but what's even more disturbing for me is that when I wake up, I find it difficult to open my left eye(lid)..like its stuck and it's only my left eye doing this!! I guess it's sorta like when ppl have allergies and have crust that makes it difficult...but I don't see any crust or anything? I always freak out when I wake up and this happens. Anyone else on accutane experience this?? (I tried explaining it the best I could, it's just so weird!)

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More than likely, your eyes are dry and getting irritated.

This was all recommended to me by my optometrist:

Get Systane Gel Eye Drops and use them throughout the day, before you go to bed, and first thing in the morning. If that is not effective enough, then get Refresh PM (it is a lubricating ointment) and use it before you go to bed.

Also, you can do a massage to help release the oils in your tear ducts (accutane is drying out that oil, which is why your eyes feel dry). Use a warm, wet washcloth and press it on your eyelids for a few minutes. Then, with your finger, roll up under neath your bottom lid toward your tear duct. The compress will help soften the oil, and the massage will help express it.

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no crustiness or swollen eyes..just really red dry eyes. everything thinks ive been smoking weed :eh:

hahahha so true, my friends keep asking my if i'm taking (bad) drugs as a joke and if i'm smoking weed, so much for support! :boohoo:

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