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Accutane Symptoms Post Tane

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Hi there,

Last week, I finished my four month tane course. For the last month, I noticed that the common symtoms I had experienced in the early days ( such as very dry lips, eczema, dehydration, dry hair etc) had all disappeared. Interestingly though, they have all returned now, which in a way I'm glad about, since I assume it indicates that the tane's still working. What I was wondering, however, is if anyone knew of the side effects coming in cycles like this, particularly with regard to them returning with full gusto after finishing the course?

Also, and this is a little akward to ask, did anyone's sex drive fall while on tane? I found this most frustrating at times, and I can't think of anything else in my life that might have contributed to its sudden demise! I'm just hoping things will change now that I'm off tane. Cheers :D.

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i just got off accutane like 10 days ago and i thought that as soon as I get off it that my normal skin moisture and texture will come back..it hasn't. and im really not liking my skin right now even though im considered 'clear'. my skin looks as if its aging and raisin-like...i look so old. it really makes me cry. and the scars on my nose i think theyre getting worse because of how sensitive and thin it is due to the drug. i dont know if i will ever have a normal skin again...im so frustrated. i dont know whats gonna happen to my skin after a month though because you're a little ahead of me.

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it;s only been a week, it will take at least a month, probably more for your skin to get the moisture back. and about the sex drive, that didn't happen to me at all. the opposite in fact.

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