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Eyeshadow tips for small lid space?

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I have no idea how to apply eyeshadow. It's so cool to me when someone has theirs done and it looks all intricately & professionally done. But what's frustrating is that those people always seem to have a huge amound of lid space to work with; I don't.

About this eye photo I found online -- I didn't post it for the shoddy makeup job, or the cross-infused contact lenses. :lol:. I posted it b/c the person has about the same amout of eyelid showing -- practically none, lol! -- as I do. But, unlike this person, I also have practically NO space between the lid and the brow - about 1/4 inch! :wall: So what do you think... can I still use eyeshadow? Any tips?


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uhm... ive noticed that people with this type of eye lid look like they're wearing shadown when they've only got on liner. :wacko: you know what i mean?

i would just go for natural shades, maybe some light gold or vanilla colors (given the fact that you like to keep it natural). there really isnt a different way to apply if your lids are like that. you would just apply. stay away from that spongy thing that comes w/ the shadow and get yourself a smallshadow brush, pick up very little shadow and just put it on. and blend it so its all even, then if you need more pick up another small amount.

ill do some research for you on web, since ive got no lofe. ;)

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yeah... i know whatcha mean. and ooh i'm jealous of people w/lots of space up there!

thanks for those color suggestions, chica. they sound pretty (not to mention delicious). and i so wanna get the MAC pencil brush (small, precise) to help w/the application... but i really need to cut back on my spending habit lately. :wacko:

ooh, you're gonna do my makeup homework for me? :shifty2::lol: but only if you feel like it! hmm, what's lofe stand for? that's a new one for me... :P

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^ hey girlie, i found a very informative page on the Paula's choice site. Lookie here!

it talks about smaller lids for a sec... they just say to get a smaller brush though... :)

EDIT: i just checked out mac's shadows and they're not that expensive. i mean they are compared to drugstore brands, but i though they'd be like $25 or something.... i really want to try out some, since i hear it doesn't get better than that..

or... should i just try some milani look-alikes? :think:

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Hey cleardream!

I have the same problem that you have! I get so jealous when my one friend applies all this dark liner and it looks great on her. If i do that i look ridiculous. What i usually do is use liner and mascara and this highlighter that wet and wild doesnt make anymore but it was perfect! On special days i will put just some brown shadow in the creases i think it is by revlon the skinshades or something along those lines. It a set four cream shadows in very natural tones. If i every want to spice it up a little more i will adda color of shadow just above the eyeliner line. It so difficult because it will make my eyes look heavy if you not careful.

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