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I cant deal with iPledge OR my dermatologist

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On Tuesday I went in to get my prescription. The doctor herself said they would put me into the system later that afternoon. They didn´t. The next day they still hadn´t entered my office visit into iPledge, so I called and they said ¨Oh we have to wait till Friday the 2nd, because it has to be a full 30 days since we initially registered you¨. It´s a medical assistant that directly deals with the iPledge system and stuff.

I waited till today. My office visit still hasn´t been entered into iPledge.

Let´s recap. 4 phone calls over 2 days, and one visit to see about this problem. I´ve waited since mid January patiently. But I´m tired of waiting anymore, and I don´t have a lot of time to be dealing with them next week... I´ve got too much going on.

Has anyone else been given this much trouble. FYI I´m a 22 year old female. I´m at wit´s end, I really am.

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You are not alone. The IPledge window is so small and the offices get swamped they often forget. Hounding them best way and be firm! Let them have it good!

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There are tons of these horror stories about Ipledge on here. I would agree with the first reply, dust yourself off and try try again.

To be honest, although the iPledge requirements ARE a pain in my ass, they´re not really my problem. I think it lays more with my dermatologist´s office, and the medical assistants who take care of the Accutane patients. I made several calls over the past week, with excuses and promises.

I finally talked to an iPledge operator last night, and she was sooo much more helpful. On Monday, she said I should go back to the dermatologist´s office, because I´ll have to get a new pregnancy test and prescription since they stupidly made that appt last week before the 30 days were up -- from when I was initially registered in iPledge. All I can say is I´m not leaving the office on Monday without knowing they put me into the system immediately. I´ve gotta change my next appt date too, ugh.

I´ll keep trying... but grr. lol

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