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SO, I'm 27 and have been struggling with acne for over 10 years. I would say mild-moderate but with periods of moderate-severe. I have tried everything except accutane, and have had decent results with changing my diet, and regulating my hormones through Birth control (ONLY ORTHO TRI- the rest did horrible things to my face). In late december, I was finishing up my grad degree, working 3 jobs, and just stressed out of my mind. My acne was the worse it has ever been. My regimen was also a mess, as all over the place as i was. I joined this forum (under another name and have forgotten my password and email address!). I came back because the advice that I gleaned from the posts on this site have changed my life and my acne, i hope, forever. I dont know which one of these things are working, but I went from at least 10-20 active zits (from whiteheads to zits), to one or two (and they are so on their way out). These are the changes I made:


went from liquid foundation and drugstore blush (revlon, covergirl) to using only mineral make-up (I use Bare Escentuals and Everyday Minerals)

effect: change in overall skin texture over time (immediate results were not great). More even tone, less pore clogging. More natural looking makeup and easier to wear less of it.


no more dairy

tons of grains, seeds, like bulgar wheat, quinoa, and flaxseeds

as many fruits and veggies as possible


Evening Primrose Oil

Flax seed oil

Vitamin A


"Female Comfort" (for hormone imbalance"

Morning regemin:

wash with Cetaphil for oily skin in shower

Bare Minerals bare Vitamins skin rever upper (Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid)

all natural moisturizer (rosehip oil, lots of essential oils) some french brand

Make up

Evening regemin:

wash with Cetaphil

ACV toner (allow to completely dry)

Diacneal by Avene (retinoid for pore expulsion) as spot treatment and over all large pore/whitehead areas

and the part that I believe in the most:

Apple Cider Vinegar! ACV!!

I take 2 tablespoons 3 times daily mixed with some sort of juice + water and sometimes with aloe vera juice. My redmarks faded in just a few days, I notice a glow I have not had since I was a teenager, smooth skin that has always feld like sandpaper ( I have to really try hard not to touch it) Apple cider vinegar makes me feel and look healthy and alive.

I have no idea which part of this regimen is working because I started everything at once, but after ten years, I finally found a cocktail that seems to work for me. It is all about finding your cocktail. And you have to work on the inside as much as you work on the outside. I am holding my breath waiting for it to get bad again. and maybe it will. but moments like this give me immense hope.

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