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8 days post 1st fraxel

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Thanks to everyone who posts on here, it really helped me in my decision and to know what to expect. I had my first fraxel 8 days ago (fraxel 2). I had less pain then expected fortunately.

I have mild scarring, wrinkles, melasma and fair skin. I wanted overall improvement. My concern is, as I think I'm older than most (50) is that the swelling streches out the skin and makes me look more haggard, even though I have seen slight improvement in texture. My face is still red with mild flaking and most of the swelling (which was medium to begin with) seems to be gone. I don't want to end up with nicer, but looser, saggy skin. Anyone else have any comments on this? I know I probably need another week or so for final results.

Also, has anyone had their chest, neck or hands done?

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I was wondering the same thing about swelling and stretching of the skin. I've had two fraxels so far and the swelling was very bad after both. It lasted for about 3 days. I don't know if that's long enough to do any permanent stretching though.

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You both bring up a very good question. I never thought about that. Today I had my 4th Fraxel. I do notice that the swelling seems to subside sooner with each subsequent treatment. I would think that the development of new collagen would out weigh any negative effects that three days of swelling would pose.

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