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dermatologist appointment!

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ive got a dermatologist appointment this wednesday at the hopspital near me!

been waiting for ages for it

kinda worried now tho!

dont no what to expect or say?

jsu wundrin if i need to prepare what to say or anythign or what oher peoples appointments were liek?


hope it goes well xxxx

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just say you are their for acne, they will probably ask things like how many lesions you get a week,how long you have had acne, etc... and then give you some prescriptions and explain how to use them. it doesn't take very long, if you have any questions for them ask.

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haha i wont expect a super cure. i no thers no such thing!

be good if there was tho:)

ye thanks guys:-)


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You might also want to tell the dermatologist what you've tried in the past and what your current skincare regimen is (though he/she might ask anyway). The reason being is because some treatments' effectiveness, like Retin-A, are negatively impacted by alkaline products like bar soap. Also, most acne treatments make the skin more sun sensitive than it already is, so you'll want to wear a broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen (broad spectrum sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays and contain at least one of these ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, mexoryl sx, and tinosorb). Make sure you let him/her know if there's anything you've tried that you've had a bad reaction to. And lastly, ask your dermatologist how to apply the products and any side effects of those products; you'd be surprised how many dermatologists just hand their patients the prescription and move on to their next appointments.

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Guest Aloetta

OMG... - GOOD LUCK!!! :ohno:

You might have better Consulation from my experience - as times have changed and lucky your seeking advise from one in a hopsital?

I remember one of my appointments.. - She put me on an examination bed - after driving half way down there - which I was nervous as hell - then she came in w/ this PIK in her hand and attacked my face - NEVER trusted ANOTHER DERM in my LIFE...

Might ask..

Lack of Proper Diet -. Chocolates/Spicy foods etc..Coffee (caffine triggers), Alchol


Sensativity - Hot or Cold Sensations... - SUN Sensativity or DAMAGE

TEXTURE OF SKIN -SIZE of PORES /DRYNESS -LINES (WRINKLES)SCARS or Sweat GLANDUR Productions & or HAIRS (Oil secretions or sweat) BODY ODOR's or Past (Yeast or fungus ) diseases (diabectic), Allergies, Itchiness

Alcohol based products.. TONERS/ANTISEPTICS...ect.

STRESS - Nervous or Anxiety Attacks

HORMONES- Balance thereof...... any unusal triggers weekly, monthly, yearly.. etc...

Just make sure He/She dosn't touch your FACE w/ a PIK.....

Ask only for a Consultation and not a SKIN (Epidermal test) EXAMINATIOn atleast one w/o a PIC (methods should be more ADVANCED today)

They can be terrifying experience and you may be regretfull if you don't ASK proper questions or health history (immune/nutrional)

- I know I remained paranoid thereafter..O_O:unsure: Never trusted another DERM :cry::cry: ..


Let us know how it goes???

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Dermatologist appointments shouldn't be scary, and the above experience I think is unusual. The first time I went the dermatologist (who was a very nice middle-aged man) examined my skin under a lighted magnifying glass and we discussed my concerns. He made me feel very comfortable and took the time to listen to what I had to say. He asked me how about my skincare regimen (which consisted at the time of a cleanser and moisturizer) and prescribed me Retin-A, explaining how I should use it and the precautions I needed to take.

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Guest Aloetta

UNUSUAL^^... ?

Perhaps today.....

Not in those days!!

Besides not many were fortunate to have found that concerned nor accurate doctor (DERM) as YOU might HAVE! !


Because she wasn't ADVANCED enough or WAS SHE?... :doh:..... I mean, doing an EPIDERMAL TEST w/ a PIK and not telling me - if I was PREPARED I'd walk in w/ a BANDAID & OINTMENT - GEESH!!!

Mostly DOCTORS like THAT inwhich truly put FEAR into KIDS/TEENS or ADULTS after holding faith for a quick remedy or MIRICALE..Don't offer proper advice, perscription, etc... nor any HOPE nor SOLUTIONS , just waste extensive TIME & MONEY - (especailly for a TEEN.. who can't really afford it) to whatever the HEALTH Aliment is.. not only ACNE....

Because there are those UNSKILLED/ UNQUALIFIED or UN-Trained around in whatever professions not only MEDICAL.. Furthermore, most medical experts (GP's- elderly) retire & take in less exerting roles such as DERMS, Head-shrinks Etc... Thusfore making them less KNOWLEDGEBLE to that given occupation or FEILD-. Surely, a vague teenager seeking an immeadiate cure w/o consulting (PARENTAL) wouldn't know any BETTER.....or someone who is just plain desperate w/o anyone to turn to, seeking a quick-FIX.

PS> ( I was much younger then also NOT KNOWING what to expect, What to ASK- a TEEN as our PILOT POSTER who started this THREAD)... the Doctors weren't as EDUCATED nor Far ADVANCED as TODAY! BUT WAIT.......

Let's see 2007... :hand:

SOMEONE SHOULD START A THREAD on HOW MANY DERM's they've SEEKED a LIFETIME :doh:, HOW many MED's , CREAMS ect.. they've tried for ACNE after been saught from a DERM :doh: ...... also ONGOING issues still persisting :hand:

Yes, NOT to Many are as LUCKY even IF they've found a GOOD DOC.- becz their ACNE might be more COMPLEX then YOURS. given the Milder alternatives or treatments or wrongly prescribed- Catch 22 here ? Funny, why I still see MANY walking around "TODAY" w/ ACNE even during TREATMENT... Really, does it take that long to determine certain skin conditions- but... of course bcz they VARY......hmmmm..Can't believe all the DILMEMMA or is History repeating itself? .(even w/ all the EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE aPlus UPDATED TECHNIQUES than before) ? With so much one would think not... Perhaps the Doctors have FAILED them afterall...(?) :think:

AGAIN 2007 :eh: .. right? How come Two Teenagers (girls) DIED recently (in Italy). BROADCASTED TODAY - TLN. (watch the 8PM BROADCAST T.V - TLN). after PLASTIC SURGERY...hmm

Should of been more Advanced there...no?

Justicifcation NOT NEEDED.... CHECK OUT their CREDENTIALS.. but just bcz their licenced dosn't necessarily mean they're Qualified nor EXPERIENCED nor ADVANCED..- in techniques nor medications... (this means PRODUCTS... I worked for a doctor- w/ 1st class NEW methods & PRODUCT's for many samples and seeing erruptions on patients - no not a DERM but GP)... some have different beliefs..

That is primarly WHY ppl STOP searching & seek second OPINION's or ..........different various METHODS..... :whistle: ( like myself)...

I did go to one last one.. I believe I was about late 30's w/ my sister for an issue she had...... but also was interested in an advanced technique... I was impressed by all the CREAMS and TOPICAL Products he had in his OFFICE... (was much MORE ADVANCED)......

soooooooooo if you see MY POINT.......................................................................................................... DOCTORS, TIMES & METHODS all VARY.... & CHANGE

and don't think it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo UNUSAL even TODAY!! :cool2: to be a bit quite AWARE ..PREPARED.... but CAUTIOUS!

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Your new derm may ask if you breakout at certain times during the month, make sure they look up close at your skin. This one derm i went to would walk in the room and stand at the sink and not even close enough to evaulate my skin properly!

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