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Accutane and Back-pain

Have anyone out there experiensed this? I'm starting my 4 week on 60mg accutane now, and i lift weights 4 times a week. Last monday it suddely hurt my back so bad i almost couldt drive home.

It was not in my spine, more in the muscles mostly on the right siden. Sitting and sleeping was ok, but getting up and down was the problem.

Today, 6 days later the pain is almost gone...

This is not from the Accutane right? just me working out wrong?

Could anyone please be so kind and descripe theire back-pain so that i could have som comparison`?

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My back hurt only when I went to lay down. The pain was there for no more than 5 seconds. It would last longer if I didn't just deal with the quick sharp pain and lay completely straight.

Actually to describe the pain would be like a cramp. Starting to lay down it would hurt until I lied completely straight/flat and it felt like it was stretched out.

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OhMyLordy1, you could not have stated your pain better. I too, when laying down, feel a sharp cramp for a few seconds. Almost as if you have been working the back all day, and it is a slightly painful release of tension.

manfred, I also agree to lessen on the weights at least while on this treatment. I do not know if it is just "pain" or if there is actual physical damage. I suggest calling your derm. to give you the green light.

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Thanks you guys!

But is the pain in the muscles or in the spine?

My pain is almost gone now, but it was there for 6 days. It hurt when i sneased (don't know how to spell that, but "Athjooooo").

Now i can only feel if i sit in a chair and move my upper body from one side to another, sound familiar?

I know im not supposed to lift heavhy weights, but no way i'm stopping for 6 months!!!! I have taken of a small amount of weights and uppend the number of reps, hopfully this will be enough

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