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I have a friend, A, who's probably my best friend ever but I don't tell her stuff...she's genuinely nice and fun to hang out with etc. but it seems that she has this thing against people who are not perfect physical-wise - I'm one of those not perfect skin-wise and I can't help but to feel about down sometimes.

like I don't know if she is deliberately doing that but sometimes we'll be in school and she'll be like "touch my face! seriously! my skin has never ever been this soft...like only today so soft" and she knows that i have blackheads and zits etc. (I mean it IS on my face right) and she still says that. And she INSISTS that I touch her face.

Once she told me that she saw a girl whose nose was full of blackheads and she thought that was really DISGUSTING (emphasis on disgusting).

the girl who sits in front of me in class we've known her for about 10 years and suddenly the other day she broke out pretty bad - I didn't say anything, I can't. I know how that feels and no one likes it but A was like "YUCK did you see her face wtf is up with that?!? it's so fucked up" and I felt pretty bad for the girl and I told her that there's nothing you can do about it...I don't think she choses to have it too, no one wants acne you know. A said that there is something you can do about it like wash your face, put meds, take accutane (her sister used to take it so she knows it) or something - but it's not that simple ok.

she was describing when her sister had quite problematic acne (but fuck they're blessed with such small pores) and she was saying that her face was disgusting and etc and I felt really horrible deep down.

we went to town together today and she was singing a song in the car making fun of people who have acne, big noses, slanty eyes, wonky eyes, blackheads, oily hair, etc. and I felt so depressed and felt as if a part of that song was me and she was deliberately doing it. There's nothing people with big noses, slanty eyes, wonky eyes, etc can do about it unless surgery and I think it is really unfair of her to say so.

And if she has like a tiny bump she would freak out and I'm would be thinking, geez, you lucky bitch, that's only a tiny bump - and you're complaining.

I feel really down when she does that...I can go on and on. But she's one of the friends that you go along with really well and she's a darling, but I can't take her anymore.

There's this anger and sometimes I just feel like shouting at her everything I said above and telling her that she has no jaw and her bottom lip is weird and her back is so hunched she doesn't look good in anything. i never did because I know how it feels like to be told so.

My face has gone better and just waiting for the discoloration to heal but i still have hella blackheads and my pores are huge...but I have body acne too and my back is getting worse and worse and I dont know, I'm just kind of really jealous of all the girls my age (ESP A) who gets to wear bikinis, tube tops, really nice dresses. etc. and I really love dresses and bikinis but I can't wear them since i got this thing a year ago and it won't go away.

I'm getting really frustrated and upset...i might go to a derm soon for my back (i really want to) but it's so bad I'm thinking even the derm would puke - I want to take Accutane, I'm that desperate.

I've been missing out so much and this thing is killing my life.

sorry that was so long and thanks for listening...i really needed to vent.

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acne is skin deep, her problem is worse than that, and she needs to know that she's out of order saying things like that. i think you should have a word with her, as a friend, tell her she's hurting your feelings. she probably won't change her mind about acne sufferers, but she can't go on talking like that around you. if she's your friend she'll respect you and not wish to hurt you. if not, then she's not worth being friends with at all.

don't feel depressed about it, like I said, she's the one with the problem, I mean I'd actually rather have acne than be a nasty person. She's very ignorant, but might change if you have a word with her, if your still willing to be friends with her. But don't let her pity you either just cos you have acne.

I can't believe how people get like that, it's stupendous!

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uh, why do you hang out with this loser again?

it's people like her that are DISGUSTING.

you get a long and she's *darling* well, her picking on everyone who isn't perfect is pretty lame and I wouldn't want to hang out with someone like that.

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This person..........is too horrible for words.

Let me tell you a little secret: People who condemn the physical appearance of others, they will be plagued by the same. Sooner or later.

Ditch her. She doesn't deserve you.....or anyone.

P.S. this may sound weird, but she's the most insecure out of all of you. Trust me. She's so insecure, she has to criticise other people to feel better.

That, and she's a mean biatch. :)

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