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Hi all,

I've read several negative and iffy reviews on Herbal Logix products, so I thought I'd chime in with my own positive results, since I started using the products one month ago.

I came across the Herbal Logix line of products in the drugstore and what intrigued me about them was their Spot, Scar & Blemish Creme. I have those dreadful red spots that come after the pimples heal. They're so bad that I won't go out without foundation, I'm that self-conscious about them. So anyways, I thought I'd give the Blemish Creme a try. After one week of using just my Cetaphil Cleanser and the Blemish Creme, my skin became quite dry and I got a couple of new breakouts. I was almost ready to toss the product, but then I thought I'd try the Blemish Creme in conjunction with the other Herbal Logix products.

I altered my regimen so this is what I used (in this order):


Herbal Cleansing Gel

Phyto Gentle Toner

Moisture Balance Lotion

Spot, Scar & Blemish Creme


Gentle Facial Scrub

Phyto Gentle Toner

Moisture Balance Lotion

Spot, Scar & Blemish Creme

After about two weeks of using the altered regimen, I noticed significant improvement in my skin. The dryness had subsided, the pimples were nearly all gone, and the redness looked marginally improved. I've read several Herbal Logix Spot, Scar & Blemish Creme reviews in which people have reported it takes about a year's time for the redness to fully disappear, so I've agreed to be patient, but so far, I am pleased with the slight improvement.

Also of note, there is a Herbal Logix spray for your back if you experience breakouts there. I haven't used that product myself, but it might be worth a look.

One more thing, for those of you who use foundation, I've found that L'Oreal Air Wear liquid foundation works wonderfully. I'm always cautious about what makeup I use because I don't want it to interfere with my acne regimen. In conjunction with the Herbal Logix products, the foundation goes on easily and looks natural and non-greasy.

Good luck with your regimens, be they Herbal Logix, or otherwise. smile.gif


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