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I found this posted in some other forums on the web, I copied and pasted it... I'm going to try it on my vacation time, but I wanted to share it with other people just in case it may actually work, it makes sense I guess.

This is not mine, I don't know where it came from, I don't know who posted it and I don't know where to find it from whoever posted, wrote, or whatever. Don't ask me, because I don't know. I'm just going to try it, cause why the hell not! It doesn't seem like anything horrible could happen other than a strong desire for sugar. Let me know what you think of it.


Being a regular person and rather skeptical of such a simple solution, I wondered how it

could possibly work. The only requirement is that the apples must be Red Delicious or

Golden, (Red Grapes can be substituted for those allergic to apples) since they have

more pectin to absorb the toxins in your system as your body digests them.

*Apples are recommended - but Red Grapes may be substituted for the apples for the 3-

day period. Use apples or grapes but NOT both. Followed by 2 tablespoons of regular

olive oil at the end of the last day. This helps the digestive process re-start.

The water helps this process along and the small amount of grape juice on the last day

ensures that the apples are moved through and out of your system. You may eat as many

apples as you can on all three days.

It also requires an "internal cleansing" via enema or mild laxative to wash out the lower

bowel on the second and third day. It is important to NOT reabsorb the very toxins you

are working to remove.

For those unfamiliar with an enema, it is used in place of laxatives (which you should not

use) to make sure your colon is empty each day during the process. A mile laxative such

as “ Fletchers Castoria for Children†is ok if you just cannot do the water enema… but I

cannot guarantee the results without the enema.

Still, I have had some reports back that the Fletchers has worked. You can also try one of

the alternative methods, but again the apple fast is the number one method I recommend.

Fleet brand makes inexpensive enemas that come with simple instructions to follow -

very easy and effective. I have also included extensive instructions for this. This may

sound a little unpleasant but it truly isn’ t.

If a Colonic Irrigation Service is available in your area, I would suggest that – where

someone will administer it. An enema is simply the insertion of water into the lower

bowl to wash out impacted debris and bacteria. On a detox regimen such as the apple

diet, this step is imperative.

You need to make sure you are divesting yourself of the apple fiber you've digested

which has absorbed all the toxins. In other words, you need to ensure you use the

restroom each day while on the diet.

I was thinking, “OK, apples, water and enema… I can deal with this for three days, no big


So, I went to the store and bought about 30 apples, the Fleet enemas, and some Welch’ s

grape juice, and olive oil. I thought about the water, and decided to use bottled just to be

sure I was drinking the purest water possible.

With my apples, grape juice, and bottled water, I spent $9.63 - far less than any

prescription drug or even over-the-counter product.

I went home and started to follow the plan. Three days suddenly seemed very long; but

then again, not so long compared to the years of dealing with this embarrassing skin


“The Steps for the Apple Fast Methodâ€

What you will need:

1) 10 or more Red Delicious Apples PER DAY!

Peel them before you eat them since most apple skins commercially produced

have been sprayed with pesticides. (Jonathan will work as well.)

2) 3 Fleet enemas or whatever brand is available. Or an enema bag.*

The enema bag will also work if you have one. With this you will need salt and

baking soda. 1 teaspoon each in 1 quart of l warm NOT HOT water. For the most

thorough internal cleansing you can visit this company and read expert material

on the beneficial effects of the enema process. Written by a certified expert in the

field of colon health.

3) Plenty of Water to Drink

Please have as much bottled or filtered tap water available. This way, you make

sure you have it when you need to drink. The MORE Water the BETTER! I drank

6-8 16 oz bottles of water per day.

4) 3oz (juice glass) Welch’ s Grape Juice for the last day ONLY!

5) 2 tablespoons of olive oil on the last day ALSO!





Peel and eat as many apples as you want, and have as much water as you wish. I usually

eat 9 or 10 apples; you can eat more, depending on the level of your hunger.

You MUST drink at least 60 ounces of water! You must use the castor oil on your skin!

Enema at the end of the day.

Instructions for a thorough lower bowel cleansing. If you are on the apple fast I cannot

emphasize this step enough. An enema is simply the cleansing of the lower bowel with

water – or water and salt or baking soda.

On this fast, the reason this step is so important is that as the apples move through the

digestive tract they actually absorb toxins from the blood passing through from the liver.

If you do not ensure you have passed all the apples at the end of each day, you are going

to reabsorb the toxins and not have very good results. Again, in some cities there are

clinics available that do this. They give what are called colonics.

Many of my clients in the UK and USA do this with fantastic results. However, you can

achieve satisfactory results from home.

You will need to use mildly warm (not hot water) to do the cleansing. If you are going to

administer the enema to yourself, you will need to do the following.

1. Lying on your left side, insert enema tube per instructions on the box. If you are

using a fleet pre-prepared enema you will need to sit the bottle in hot water for 3

minutes to warm it. Vaseline can be used to make insertion easier. Fleet store

bought enemas already have sodium in them. If your using an enema bag (also

known as a douche apparatus) you will need to mix one quart of very mildly to

almost cool water with one teaspoon of salt and baking soda.

2. After inserting the tube fill the lower bowel with water (empty the entire fleet

enema, and if using the enema bag take in one half of the water in the bag.) Do

this very slowly and maintain comfort. Hold for 3 – 5 minutes or until you have

the urge to expel it. After you expel it do the same thing lying on the right side

and then again in the “ knee and chest to floor†bowing position. You will have

rinsed out the lower bowel 3 times. You will need to reuse the felt enema bottle

since it is only good for one rinsing. It is important to do this every day of the fast

and even again at the end of the first day “ after†you finish the fast.

Please note – an enema performed correctly is completely safe and very effective. IF you

would rather have it professionally done please contact a clinic that performs the colonic.

Most people fare just fine doing this themselves.

What to expect: I usually have no issues the first day. It's surprising how filling the

apples can be. The castor oil will be thick but be sure to apply it every single evening.

Day 2:

Peel and eat 5 or 6 apples, more is fine, and drink plenty of water. Absolutely NO

cheating with other foods. I find Day 2 to be the hardest to resist eating other foods.

You may have a few cramps and can do the enema anytime that day to relieve them. Just

make sure you have the enema by the end of the day. Continue with the castor oil at

night. Enema at the end of the day.

What to expect: By the end of day 2, you could notice your acne calming down a little. I

had no new sores appearing and the cystic bumps calmed some. I felt "lighter" as well.

Some folks actually see their acne “ act up†a little more the second and third day. THIS

IS NORMAL! It means you are affecting your acne and is reflective of your system

reacting. Most of you will not see it get worse but it will get better!

Day 3:

Eat the rest of your apples and drink plenty of water. At dinner, have a treat by drinking

some Grape Juice! NO GRAPE JUICE until the end of the day however.

Continue with the castor oil, as the effects are cumulative. Take 2 tablespoons of olive

oil to restart your digestive system.

Drink a full glass of Grape Juice around dinnertime, and have another if you wish. Have

the enema again, at the end of the day.

What to expect: Day 3 should be the interesting day. You may notice that you're using

the bathroom a little more than on the previous days.

You might also have a slight headache - much like a hangover. A hot shower will help

with this. You must drink lots of water! At least 60 ounces.

You will notice the acne really calming down and much of the sores and bumps quickly

receding. It is important to also continue with your water and grape juice.

Now, some folks see a slight improvement that continues everyday for a month or so.

For 98% of you, your acne has cleared up in 3 days. For those with resistant acne that

hangs on a little, you will need to read and do the methods for resistant acne.

You have an extra step or 2 – BUT ALL acne sufferers would do well to read that section

and follow the suggestions.

Please note: On the rare very occasions when I have had a report that the diet has

not had as much effect as described, I always discover that either other food was

taken, or the enema internal cleansing skipped, or smoking, use of drugs has


Since this has also been the case verified by the medical doctors I have

referenced…I cannot be responsible for poor results as I leave the process of

following directions up to you, the individual. Happily it is rarely an issue.

The Result:

After three full days of following these very specific directions, I was pleasantly

surprised to find that my skin looked very clear!

In fact, My Acne Completely DISAPPEARED on the fourth day!

I also felt great, not to mention the five pounds I shed in the process!

After the First 3 Days:

It is important to start with solid foods slowly. You can start with some soup and

crackers, and a few hours later, if you feel good, you can have more.

I usually do not have a regular meal until Day 5. In other words, when the diet is over,

don’ t jump in your car and run to McDonalds!

“Maintaining the Resultsâ€

The apples are the key. They cleanse the toxins and create better all-around health, and

cured me of my acne. I find that eating as little sugar as possible helps maintain the

overall benefits.

As I said, my acne has never returned. I usually go on the apple diet every six months or

so. I realize, however, that there are those who just will not do the apple fast. It is the

primary method I recommend.

Keep in mind if you go back to old habits without continuing to take steps to balance the

boy you will have the acne return. The body is going to do its job in removing toxins and


There are other additional methods you can use in conjunction with the apple fast or

alone. All have proven benefits. Only the apple fast, however, usually gives the 3 - 4

days result.

It’s easy, inexpensive, and highly effective. I maintain the results by drinking plenty of

water. I also recommend odorless garlic supplements and Vitamin C taken everyday.

This along with eliminating sugar as much as you can virtually assures you of keeping

acne a distant memory. Do you remember where I talked about paying the price? Well,

that is the small price you will pay for clear skin.

“Special Instructions for Reducing and

Removing Facial Acne Scarsâ€

One of the unpleasant ramifications of acne is the resulting scarring that can occur. This

is particularly the case where you have cystic acne as I did.

Once the acne is cleared, it often leaves behind pockmarks, red broken veins, and even

deep thickened skin in the form of impressions. These small indentations cause an

uneven reflection of light and so the marks look darker and worse than they really are.

Make-up is of little use because the skin is still uneven and impressions under the makeup

are still visible.

After my acne was cleared I became determined to get the scars removed. This is an

expensive undertaking if you go the medical routes of laser surgery, dermabraision

treatments, or the oxalate crystals treatments.

None of these alternatives are guaranteed and can cause even more skin damage. My

choice was to look at the acid peels and they too were quite pricey and could have


However, I did find a company that carries an extremely effective product called “ Skin

Peel 4000.†It was reasonable in price and they had 4 levels of peels, depending on how

deep you needed to have your skin peeled.

No harsh chemicals and no complications. I was very impressed with their level of

service as well. I did the peel and my scarring was dramatically reduced by at least 90%.

I get compliments on my skin – something I could only dream about in the past. I tried

the peels and to my amazement they worked extremely well.

They are a very respected company and their website is http://www.skinculture.com

“Resistant Acne Methodsâ€

A few of you may have very resistant acne. If you have completed the apple fast

according to instructions and still have a lot of sores, you will want to continue with the

alternative methods because the apple fast did work.

You may need to do the apple fast again a couple of times over a 3-month period. Each

time you will be removing more of what is causing your problems.

Once you have completely detoxed your body, your skin will follow. Or if just don’ t

think you can do the apple fast you will need to do an alternative method.

For you it may take longer for the acne to “ clear†. Those methods work well over time.

Everyone is different and the results occur in different amounts of time.

All should give you results in the 90 days period though. You can always contact me for

additional advice and help – again, one of the great things about having direct access to

me online.

Sometimes even after the fast is over you may feel your acne got a little “worse†but DO

NOT get discouraged. This is a GREAT sign because now you are seeing for yourself

that your Acne is reactive to what you are doing. You must stay the course!

Your acne is very likely caused by Candida Alibicans – or yeast. This is the same yeast

that causes yeast infections in women, and thrush (the white coating on your tongue when

your taking antibiotics).

I have spent a lot of time helping folks with this problem. You are going to have to

eliminate sugar from your diet for a while – period.

You are also going to have to take some garlic tablets (odorless), as this will help the

dying off process with your acne and Candida.

There is a lot written about these types of yeast infections in men, women and children.

It affects your immune system greatly. Those of you with children will note that after a

round of antibiotics is prescribed, your child often gets a case of Thrush or ear infections.

There are medications available to help cure Candida over populations in your system.

“Additional Methodsâ€

Candida Yeast Infection

“Nutrition Methodâ€

I also know that if you are regularly consuming a high concentration of processed food,

you may have to do two or three of these diets over a period of 3-5 months to get the

greatest benefit.

The naturally occurring yeast Candida Albicans in our bodies often enhances our acne

problems. I learned this personally, and it is one of the reasons you can have so many

toxins in the body.

This yeast can get out of control from the very antibiotics dermatologists prescribe!

The antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria in your system, acidophilus, which must be

present to keep the yeast down. How many times have antibiotics caused thrush and even

yeast infections?

This is all verified by science - not me. So, by making a few dietary changes (removing

sugar) you can reduce Candida Albicans dramatically and help the apple fast to remain


Remove as much sugar and refined foods from your diet and supplement your

acidophilus with a pill form. These small changes will reap you years of benefits.

Acidophilus can be found at any grocery store or drug store and is very inexpensive. If

you have reactive and resistant acne, this will clear it up.

I have yet to meet one person who after the diets and internal cleansing (followed

correctly), and removing all sugar and taking acidophilus and garlic tablets – did not

completely put their acne in remission and cure it.

This takes a little time and effort but the results can absolutely amaze you. Candida

causes problems by producing toxins that have to be eliminated from your body.

Everybody has some Candida Albicans, but it is when it gets out of control that is when it

causes problems like acne and yeast infections. When you take the antibiotics they kill

every bacterium - beneficial and/or otherwise that keep the Candida under control.

This is why you need the acidophilus, to replenish the good bacteria and the garlic to kill

the yeast off. You WILL get rid of your acne by following these steps.

Again, it is not as speedy but the apple diet has prepared your system for this important


Castor Oil/ HOT Steam Method for opening the Pores of the Skin.

What you will need: Small bottle of castor oil (available at any drug or grocery/health

food store), wash cloth and hot water. This is very effective for facial acne and was

recommended to me by a dermatologist believe it or not!

It is great if used in conjunction with the apple fast but can be used alone.


Daily and Ongoing - steam face with hot (not hot enough to burn), washcloth. You must

do this for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes in the morning and at night.

Every evening after you complete the steam session you will massage the castor oil into

the skin. Usually about a half a teaspoon is enough.

Leave on overnight and wash off in the morning before your 20-minute steam session.

Do this daily - results are visible in 1 to 2 weeks.

Herbal Methods

I am often asked do herbs really work for acne. Yes, from what I have seen they do. The

thing is they work slowly with building results.

Most internally taken herbs like Tahebo flush the toxins out, so the body can dispose of

them. The problem is that since the body is taking care of it, your acne is likely to get

worse for a temporary time.

Most folks start the process and just give up before they see the results. I am going to list

the herbs associated with clearing up acne. If you decide to use the herbal methods, you

must follow the instructions that come with the herb.

Aloe Vera, Bistort, Burdock, Castor Oil, Cayenne, Chaparral, Chickweed, Chlorophyll,

Dandelion, Echinacea, Ginseng, Red Clover, Redmond Clay, Sarsaparilla, Tahebo Tee,

Tea Tree Oil, Valerian root, White Oak Bark, Yellow dock.

What I recommend is the Tahebo and Melaluca Oil (Tea Tree oil) externally.

Essential Oil Method

There are also additional methods for clearing acne using topical application of essential

oils. Essential oils are oils like menthol, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil that have antiseptic


In other words, they kill bacteria. Most everyone is familiar with Listerine mouthwash.

It is well known for its ability to sterilize the mouth and actually kill germs (bacteria) in

the mouth responsible for gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Listerine accomplishes this through its ingredients of essential oils. The only essential oil

I recommend where I have seen results is Melaleuca oil.

This can be purchased in almost every country. It can easily be purchased online. It’ s

all-natural oil derived from a tree in Australia. It is very powerful and yields dramatic


Health food stores carry it. Follow the same directions for the castor oil method

substituting the castor oil with the Melaleuca oil.

“Frequently Asked Questionsâ€

Q. Can I eat anything, even a snack while on the apple fast?

A. For the apple or grape fast to be effective it needs to be followed as outlined –

apples/grapes and water – period.

Q. Do I have to do the enema part and do I have to do it 3 times each evening?

A. You are really doing only ONE enema – with 3 parts. Done as directed it is the most

effective way to cleanse the lower bowel. Following the directions it is not harmful or

uncomfortable in the least.

Q. I completed the fast but I still have some breakouts or no change in my skin.

A. In some people who follow the fast and enema process correctly as outlined a very

minority still may have some breakout areas. This is due to a severe build up of waste in

the lower bowel and the fast may need to be repeated up to 2 more times over a 2 month

period to get the complete effect. There can also be a problem with the Candida yeast in

the system and the method for dealing with that is included in this book. If your acne

appears to actually get a little worse then you are having what is termed a “ die-offâ€

reaction to the Candida being killed by the healthy bacteria. This is temporary and in a

few days you should see substantial improvement as long as you stay the course.

Q. Will the Apple fast remove scars?

A. While the apple fast will not remove scars – it will lighten them. Over time the

redness will subside. For more information and products I recommend for scar removal

please visit Skin Cultures website. http://www.skinculture.com

Q. What kind of soap is good to use?

A. I always recommend foaming facial cleansers like Olay and Neutrogena. They contain

no soap, which is very drying to the skin. Soap also throws the skins PH balance off. Bath

and Body store carry excellent clear glycerin soaps that will cut facial oils without over


Q. Can I get results without using the apple fast?

A. The apple fast is “ the†tool to get internal cleansing done. However, success has been

documented by following the other methods such as the one for combating Candida

infections. The steaming with castor oils or essential oils and cutting out all sugary foods

works wonders over time as well.

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I'm going to start this on March 7th, 2007... if anyone else is interested in trying this let me know. I'd like to keep up with others doing the same thing. I've done a little research on this and lots of people do similar things to jumpstart their diets.

Read other peoples "Apple Detox" stories here...


One person said they experienced clearer skin, less oily, and a complete loss of body odor. I didn't have time to read the whole thread though.

I have very mild acne, but I also eat a lot of crap food. If this gets rid of the oily skin and mild acne, I'm willing to suffer three days of apples and weird but disgusting enemas. Some people said they have headaches, which makes sense if you drink a ton of caffiene... which I do... and it's going to suck. I'm also a smoker, which is terrible news. I have to quit smoking for three days as well. I'd rather not go at it alone.

Basically, all you have to do for 72 hours, is eat an unlimited amount of peeled red apples, drink a minimum of 60 ounces of water, and perform an enema each night. The instructions also recommend putting a small amount of castor oil on your face after about 20 minutes of putting a warm wash cloth over your face until it cools (which you can do during a bath before bed, after an enema), and you let the castor oil sit overnight. You wake up and wash it off with noxema (or an equivalent generic brand like equate). On the 3rd day around dinner time you take 2 tbsp of Olive Oil (which jumpstarts your digestive system), then you start slow, eat soup and crackers and go back to your normal diet.

Is anyone interested? Or am I keeping a forum journal on this alone?

Either way, I start march 7th. It's only 3 days people, come on!

Edit: There are more subtle detoxes, such as this one http://chetday.com/AppleDetox.pdf some people don't do the enemas, and they don't do the castor oil. But you MUST take the 2 tbsp of olive oil for your digestive system. If you become dizzy or feel sick, then you need to stop. If you have headaches, continue! because it's working.

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