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My Battle with the Pimps

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day 1

so the pics on this msg were taken tonight, right before the night treatment. i started the day with the morning session and i use:

{edit: i haven't uploaded pics yet...they're coming}

cetaphil cleanser

neutrogena on the spot (dan's BP is on the way)

cetaphil moisturizer

also, i decided to try the aspirin mask tonight. what an adventure that was! my fiance was laughing for a half hour straight while i struggled to apply the mask, and sit still while the honey slowly trickled down my face. she took a pic and if i ever become brave enough, i will post it... :blush:

my battle with acne has been a long road. i started getting zits in the area right above my chin and below my lower lip in eighth grade. big and painful, i was always squeezing and popping them. doing more harm than good. but i was young, what did i know about how to handle this? it got really bad in high school, sputtered on and off in college and now i am relatively clean in comparison.

i have a bad one on my right side jaw. this one has been around for about a week, and i rarely get these. it hurt at first, now i forget its there. i try my hardest to never touch it as well. then, on the left side of my chin is where i get them the most. well, actually, both sides of my chin. also, the pores on, and to the sides of, my nose right under my eyes, are clogged. sometimes i'll get a nasty blackhead, but that's rare as well.

in the past i have been using st. ives medicated (2% SA), neutrogena astringent, and neutrogena 2% SA spot treatment. all in all, has worked pretty well. it seemed to keep them all at bay and treated the current zits quickly. the big boy on my jaw has prompted me to change it up.

so far, day 1 has brought nothing unepxected. i knew what to expect from the BP as i tried using it all through school to no avail. i think i put on a bit too much moisturizer this morning so i am going to back that off for tonight's treatment. the aspirin mask was pretty nice...i was uneasy the whole time from the trickling honey but it made my skin very smooth and some of my red marks were less noticeable. nothing drastic though.

this is getting very long and i must go moisturize...i'll be back tomorrow


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Thx for the post Jimi. I too just started the regimen... about 3 days ago. Keep us updated on how you are doing and I will do the same... You can find my Log in "DKR Down in Arizona". TTYL!

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day 2

great day...no new pimps and the blackheads and clogged pores on my nose/cheek area look great...i guess i can thank the desitin for that. i put the desitin on my entire face last night. it was weird at first cuz i looked like a vampire but i looked great in the morning after i washed it all off...

just finished cleansing for the night treatment and everything is going smoothly...

here are the pics before i started:




overall, not that bad and much, much, much better than 5 years ago!

progressing quite well...check back tomorrow!

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day 2 update

just want to let everyone know this: tonight, after applying the BP i felt a mild stinging. i know this is perfectly normal and decided that it would subside slightly once i added the moisturizer. well, that didn't help much until i applied the desitin. it holds back the BP sting very well. it is very soothing. i am curious to see how my face looks when i wake up....good night

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day 3

woke up this morning and my skin looked great. i gotta give props to the desitin. my pores are unclogged, my red spots are all but gone, and i have no new pimples...mostly because of the bp

bp is making me a little itchy and burny but thats to be expected. also, we just got a huge snowstorm and it is freezing cold so i need to moisturize all that i can right now!

this regimen is working great and i can't wait to see what i will look like a month from now!


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day 4

all is well in pimpleland...no new zits, skin is clearing up but i do feel itchy. after the morning application, i get pretty itchy and burny...at night i do too but the desitin takes care of it. no breakouts from the desitin and i am applying it all over - forehead, temples, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw...

i even went out drinking last night and i usually breakout after i do that...not now!

i am very pleased so far with the results from the regimen and i have a few remarks:

- the neutorgena on the spot gets very tacky around 1-1:15 of application. it is difficult to keep gliding because of this and the BP balled up on me yesterday. i am going to order dan's bp and see if that's any different.

- i don't use much moisturizer, just up to the first nuckle on my index finger, and it is more than enough.

- i am excited to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and see progress. i hope i don't get that bad 2-week breakout everyone seems to get...

thanks for stopping by and i'll check in tomorrow...


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day 5

so this morning i decided to skip the bp step. i know, this is the most important step of the entire regimen but my skin was telling me to back off a little. i was burning like crazy and was really red. so i just used my cleanser and moisturized while my face was still wet. in the gmr, they recommend applying moisturizer right after you get out of the shower, while your face is still wet. it is supposed to absord better into your skin this way. anyway, i tried it, and my face felt great all day long.

i just applied 2/3 of a finger of bp for the night session and i feel very dry, with some slight itch and burn. i also only applied the bp to the region around my mouth, my upper lip and chin as this is the most acne prone area of my face. maybe this will help my cheeks and nose from feeling as though they are on fire. tonight i plan to apply desitin to only the areas of bp application. i will document any effects this may or may not have on the areas that it wasn't used.

also, i am little upset that my nice green pillowcase is now orange just from 4 nights! is this from the bp or the desitin?

anywho, all is good in pimpleland. just one on my hairline. little guy...no biggie.


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wow...whats it been? almost a full month now since the last time i posted.

i stopped using bp about 2 weeks ago. i went to a dermatologist to have some moles on my back checked out - benign...whew! - and i asked him to look at my acne. he was like "what acne?" that felt amazing! i haven't missed an application and have made a few changes.

here is what i have been doing every day and night for the last month.


shave using cetaphil, then wash with cetaphil when done shaving. when i get out of the shower, i dry off everywhere except my face. go from the shower to the sink and apply complex 15 while my face is still very wet. i use an entire fingers worth. i know, it sounds like it would be way to much, or that the water would make everything way too wet. well, it takes a minute or two to dry and my face has never been less oily and has never felt better in years. i absolutely LOVE complex 15. for the morning, thats it.


wash hands.

wash face with cetaphil. wait a few minutes. apply BP. wait a few minutes. apply complex 15. also, i will apply desitin to problem areas - scars and red marks.

by doing this for a month straight i have kept the pimples at bay. i have had no more than 5 pimples since starting this regimen and right now i am perfectly clear and have been for about 3 weeks.

your mileage may vary.



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