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Accutane Questions

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Im starting accutane in about two week and i only have one major concern. How many people experience hair problems while on accutane, and if, are they permanent or do they go away after treatment. Also does it treat all over the body or just on the face, since my face is 100% clear but my body has really deep pimples. Im on 1 40 mg pill a day.


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Not many people experience hair loss on Accutane. It's one of those rarer side-effects where when you hear about it occurring, you tend to question being on the medicine. Rest assured, not many people experience it.

Secondly, Accutane treats the entire body. I too had pretty bad pimples on my back/chest/arms, and Accutane took care of everything. No worries.

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Im approaching my 6th week of ro-accutane now and the only difference i have noticed is that my hair doesn't get half as greasy as quick as it did before.

As said above i think it is one of the rarer side effects.

Try not to read into the leaflet too much.. you'll only worry yourself about possiblities, Just make yourself aware of them then forget about um .

G'luck with your treatment

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