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Know I started too fast-redness/dry skin has made acne horrible

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I'm 17, have had acne since I was about 14, started out real light, then went to mild, and now its moderate, and in the past 3 days, severe. I've used benzoyl peroxide medications before, but never used them consistently for they always dried my skin out and stopped using them(always used to much, for some reason never thought to use less).

Again, being ignorant, I started with way too much benzoyl peroxide. I started Friday night, used about half a finger and lots of moisturizer and was fine saturday. Saturday night, used a full finger and lots of moisuturizer, and was fine Sunday(just a liiittle dryness), did the same thing Sunday night, and when I woke up Monday morning I counted over 15 whiteheads around my mouth/chin area, and 4 on my nose(I RARELY ever get it on my nose), and my face was as dry as it's ever been in my life, and it was red, and it HURT LIKE HELL. It was also horrible to look it, as all the redness made it look like I had SEVERE acne. I couldnt stand the 15+ whiteheads, so I sterilized a needle and popped them all.. Went to school and felt like crap all day, didnt want anyone to see my condition, etc. When I came home the whiteheads were back, sterilized needle, popped again. Monday night I used tons of moisturizer, and started Dan's regimine on my forehead and cheeks(wasnt bad there so didnt emphasize it when originally using bp, but was still there and since my face is fine there I decided to try it).. Tuesday morning, same stuff, popped them all, went to school, felt the same, came home, more whiteheads, popped, tons of moisturizer.. On sort of a good note, my face started peeling Tuesday night, which I guess means it's getting better... Woke up this morning, good news=forehead looks a lot better, cheeks look a little better. Bad news=15+ whiteheads again, face hurts like hell and is still pretty red(though not as red as originally)... Got home not long ago, again, 15+ whiteheads, all popped w/ sterilized needle, used moisturizer, now typing this.

Summary-Started Dan's regimine too fast, now acne is horrible and face hurts like hell and I feel like it too... Good news, my forehead looks a lot better, though. lol.

Now I know there are lots of these on this board, but I wanna know, is the huge increase of acne normal after starting too fast? Because it's never been anywhere near this bad, just got like this after I started too quickly... After my face gets completely better I'm going to start again LIGHT(half of what Dan reccomends starting out with)..

Also, have a high school state championship basketball game Saturday(big event for me, don't wanna look like crap), prom Saturday night(self-explanatory), and of course afterparties("). The way my face no there is no way I would go to prom or parties.. So do you guys think it'll be healed by then?

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oh wow, yea, you've gone too fast.

skip the next application or two, then when you are ready to begin again, just use 1/4 finger twice a day for the first week, then go to 1/2 finger the second week and so on and so forth.

I hope your skin is settled by prom and the basketball game. Good luck.

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If you stop the regimen completely, the redness and dryness may be gone by Saturday. I suggest stopping the regimen until after prom and after parties (wow your prom is pretty early in the year). Even if your face is a little red, that's no reason to miss prom.

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