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A Major Cause Of Acne

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I haven't been around here in awhile since accutane has done a pretty good job for me.

However, I still breakout once and awhile and I've been looking into what causes it.

Basically, after a ton of testing it turns out that dairy products are to blame (at least for me).

I am no expert of course - it's simply what I've found through my experiences.

All I know about dairy products is that the producers do some pretty crazy stuff to the cows and resulting milk for increased profit.

I think some of it includes adding hormones and bacteria. Again, I'm not sure exactly what goes on, so if interested I hope you have luck with research on the topic.

It kind of sucks for me since dairy used to be like 90% of my diet. It's really tough to find good tasting food to eat now. Goodbye chocolate milk and icecream :(

Anyways, I urge you to avoid dairy products entirely if you have had prolonged acne with little benefit from medicine. Make sure you avoid EVERYTHING with dairy. It's easy to forget that it's in certain foods. Like anything else it won't be an instant cure. I am fairly sure you will see noticable results in about a month that you should be very happy with. It's hard to give up dairy products but to some people like myself, it's just worth it.

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