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Lotions & creams makes my face look worse!!

I've notice that... my skin actually looks best when it's dry but when I put a type of lotion or cream... anything... that has a lotion creamy substance on... it makes my skin looks greasy & worse than it did before without the lotion. So I'm wondering now if lotions of any kinds actually work.... What's the next best alternative than lotions & creams on my face??

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The same thing happens to me! And I know I'll get lynched for this, but I just stopped using moisturizer, unless my face is noticeably flaky. I apply a LOT of bp at night only, and then spot treat with the moisturizer. I'm much happier with the results. Although the moisturizer may be better for my skin, I only do this regimen so I can look somewhat presentable in public, and using the moisturizer made me look greasy, red, and nasty thus being counter productive to my goals. My face looks SO much better when it is dry. I will deal with a few flakes, as opposed to a red, somewhat greasy, yet moisturized face.

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Hey Notattractive. Well my regimen really isnt different from Dan's except that I only do it once a day, and I only spot treat with moisturizer. I'd say that I had mild/moderate acne when I first started the regimen, and now it has basically cleared up for the most part except for the red marks. Anyways, I wash very gently at night with the Purpose bar and then pat my face dry. I wait about 10-15 min. then I put on a TON of bp. My cheeks are my problem area (or were) and I use a fingers length for each cheek. I normally just go to sleep right after this. When I wake up I don't do anything unless I have to. Every once in a while I wake up and my face is flaky, then and only then do I apply just enough moisturizer to get rid of the flakes in the problem area. As you can see, I do what Dan recommends except I only do it once a day, and I only spot treat with moisturizer. Since I have started my face has looked so much better then when I used to do the regimen twice a day, and 9/10 times I can leave the house without moisturizer and thus without a greasy, irritated look.

Please understand that this may not be the best thing for you to do notattractive, but I am much happier with the results and if you decide to give it a try let me know how things work out!

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