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Do pustules scar?

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I have a very sore pustule on my face...I'm sure it's a pustule as I've looked at the pictures of them. However, it is just below my cheekbone and is REALLY tender. I've been clear for a while now and then this happens. Although it's small It's really painful and I'm worried it might scar as it's been there 5 days.

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Scars are caused by the healing of the skin. The problem with cysts or pustules is that even though you didn't pick or squeeze, they take a long time to heal. What happens is that the skin underneath starts to restore itself and thus reform, thus causing a "dent" when the pustule or cyst dries up.

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Thespian is spot on, although the healing process can be made more efficient by using the correct combination of natural healing products (I'd recommend a herbalist, Ive not had one more scar since I started herbal treatment). My pustules have never scarred unless they are there for more than 1-2 weeks. That seems to be the 'use by date' for my pustules to heal themselves, although this will obviously vary depending on the person. Some parts of the face also heal faster than others IMO. Cysts are likely to scar more since they are larger, so even if they only heal 95% perfectly, there may be a noticeable difference in some lighting.

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The pustule eventually became a big white head that was very easy to pop. The white stuff that came out was really hard. The skin has nowtotally healed over where the pustule was in record time, maybe only 3 or 4 days but I can still see a small pin prick hole where the white stuff came out and a general "dent" around the whole area. I'm so worried this will remain and stay as a scar!

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