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Washing with cleansers in the showr not a good thing?BOTCHLA

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I read in a post in the prescription section that the dermatoligist told the person not to wash your face in the shower because it loses effectiveness. I wash with the C&C cleanser in the shower all the time with my face wet and hands. I';m wondering if it will be more effective if i wash before or after. Can you guys please give me detailed routines that you do and if its working.

For ex.

Before or after

How wet is your face etc

How much you rinse off

thanks alot

P.S. - i would like to know what botchla does cuz he;s clear.

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For some reason i thought it would be less effective doing it in the shower as well. For this reason i dont even wash my face in the shower. What i do it just shower as usual, lather up etc. Get out, dry. And then i wash my hands again because i dont want oils from my hair getting on my face.

Thats when i wash my face, after the shower, at the sink. I think it has been more effective..

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hmm. i'm curious as to botchla's response as well, since i'm using the regimen

but i take my showers at night, so i use the SA and BP in the shower and i'm clear

if anything i thought it would work better since the hot water opens up your pores... the SA and BP can then go deeper and work better? #-o

not sure though

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hello smile.gif

hehe. ok.. well.. as for it losing effectiveness in the shower, i don't think it does by a huge degree. my only concern would be that if you do it in the shower you may not leave it on as long, and you also can't see what you're doing, so it makes it harder to get it around good you may end up not putting enough in certain areas.

personally, i don't do it in the shower. i don't specifically aim to do it before or after a shower either.. i just do it whenever.

but i think that after a shower would be the best of the two cause like sushi said, the shower will help to open and relax the pores.

about how wet my face is, here is what i usually do. i turn the sink on, let the water get warm/hot.. i let set the water to be slightly hot, although not to the point where it burns me hehe.. then i stick my face under the thing and rub the water around for just a sec, just to get my face wet. then i flick my hands *flick flick* to get the extra water off them, then put the SA wash in my palm then go at it.

and how much i rinse off.. well, with the SA wash i get that one off completely, cause it has that sort of.. slimy feel or something haha.. whatever it is. you can tell when it's all the way off. you pretty much have to rub your face lightly with your hand to get it off all the way, i doubt it would come off just splashing water. then the BP wash comes off much easier. i just stick my face under the water and it comes off. i just splash some water around my face to make sure the majority of it is off and then i'm done.

so versus cupping water in my hands and splashing my face to get the stuff off (a la commercial style), i just stick my face under the water stream.

hope that helps!

P.S. i have never mentioned this before (oops) but before i begin my routine, before i touch my face, i wash my hands with an antibacterial soap. i'm paranoid i'll be rubbing germs on my face.

see, you guys are getting exclusive tips here. haha..

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I've been using the C&C products for 6 weeks now and am clear. Still working on getting rid of some stubborn blackheads, but very pleased otherwise. I use both in the shower morning and night. The blackhead scrub is kind of hard to get off, even in the shower, so I would think using it at the sink would be a pain. The only thing I've noticed is that the skin on my back and chest is getting a little dry from the runoff.

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