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Do You Think You Would Really Change If You Had No Skin Problems?

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If I didn't have acne my life would be absolutely perfect...well I still need to lose a abiut 6lbs lol

It seems nothing is ever perfect in my life.

Before acne my father died, when I was clear last year after accutane my uncle died, I'm jinxed

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its so truuuu...when your skin clears up its like u wanna do all these things at once as soon as u can...but when it comes back its like a turtle in his shell......i think thats the worst part about acne...the mindset of never knowing if its really gone..like paranoia.......its not our faults to be this way....i think its human nature to be more confident when u have confidence in yourself



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I'd have more confidence, but I'd be the same person

I agree with that. I would still not be a real social person but would be a little more confident to try

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I know what I'd be like without acne, because I've been without it for months at a time, and this is what I'm like.

--I'm more social. I've got plenty of friends, but now I'm hiding from them. They probably think I'm angry with them, and I'm not, I'm just embarrassed.

--I'd go to more parties, have more friends over, go to dinner, go to museums, take more walks, rather than just sitting in my room.

--I'd do more outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, going to the beach, exercise, ride bicycle, go horseback riding. There are so many activities I'd like to do but I avoid them because of my skin.

--I'd travel more.

--I'd spend less money on treatments for my skin.

I'm a sociable, friendly, naturally happy, non-depressed person by nature but the acne definitely puts a halt to that. :confused:

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I think i'd be the same ol' me personality wise....but i would be a whole lot more confident if it wasnt for my acne!

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