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wooohooo!!! i just took my first pill!

20mg the first 2 weeks then 40mg after that and probably more after that

No different yet of course and i will try update as often as i can :D

man im pumped hahaha oki well ill try keep in touch... later

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Day One:

Side Effects:

  • VERY minor headache

Day Two:

Side Effects:

  • VERY minor headache
  • Just a little bit dizzy

Of course, like alot of other people, because im on accutane now any and every side effect i get from now to the end of my course i will originally blame on the drug. I will try my best to weed out the ones that are probably not caused by it

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Sorry i havn't updated it, had some sport in the arvo and then had to do homework

Day Three:

  • Breaking out a little bit
  • Dry lips

Day Four

  • Dry lips - If i dont have my carmex my lips sort of burn...
  • Breaking out, cyst on my eyebrow and getting pretty bad around my mouth =(
  • Quite a bit less oil (already?)

Some parts of my face are mega smooth while others just feel like crap basically lol... well that's it so yah.. lataz =D

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Havn't updated in a while. It's now mid week 2 so like... around day 16 lots has happend.

Day 4 - 16

Side effects experienced:

- Dry lips (a lot worse than before)

- BACK BAIN - now almost non existant though

- Easy to sleep, sometimes feel slightly tired

- Eyes have recently gotten a tiny bit dry, but nothing thats intolerable


- Was almost clear at a stage

- Worsened

- Takes a while for scabs to heal

- Fragile Skin (Dont pop!)

- Peel alot

- Slowly getting better

And yeah that's about it :) i just want to keep this journal short and succint so i guess im doing it hahah

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