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Which irritates the skin less? a traditional razor or an electric one? I was thinkgin about it and I think most of my zits are wheres I shave I use an enlectric shower razor that dispenses lotion? Should I just use it out of the shower? or switch to a traditional razor?

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Hard one this..............I shave dry electric but a foil type as oposed to the rotating circle type. I choose this method as i don't like shaving to close as i think it can aggravate the skin and cause small ingrowns. After 3 or 4 days of electric shaving I use the gillete mach 3 on my neck hairs only as my electric struggles with the hairs in this area after 3 or 4 days. The gillete mach 3 is undoubtly the best shave i have had but I think for me it shaves to close when used every day. It's trial and error, whichever suits you most. Don't apply too much pressure when shaving and shave with the grain, that is the most important thing.

The lotion.........I would wash it off after you shave, or don't use it unless you know it is oil free and non comedogenic.

Have you tried Zynert? This worked wonders for my shaving area.

Hope this helps.

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It all depends......will u be able to use a wet razor without cutting the face off yourself if your acne is mainly around the shaving area?

An electric razor is fine provided your skin isnt too dry in the first place.

If your acne is mainly around where you shave then maybe your electric razor is adding to the problem.

The philshave cool shave razors are fine for people with normal skin......but where acne is concerned all the moisturiser it despenses may be aggrivating the condition.

Electric razors arent the most hygenic either.

I would try shaving with a gilette sensor excel razor for awhile to see if a difference is made.

Use a good shave gel such as tendskin air shave gel,or Zirh cream or gel.

Having tried the wet shave for a period of time you should be able to determine what way to shave is best for you.

Never shave against the grain either.Apply as little pressure as possible when shaving and you should be ok.

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