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retin-a micro-peeling is annoying!

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Hi all- I've been on retin-a micro for 2 weeks, and the peeling is a pain. Every morning when I wake up and wash my face, I've got dead skin and so I gently rub that off and moisturize. But by midday I've got flakies showing through my make-up. When wll this peeling stop? How can I deal with the embarrassing mask of dead skin?? Thanks!

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don't stress about it, it's normal and it WILL get better with time smile.gif I've been on Retin-A for a good 3 months now and my skin hardly peels at allll like it used to. Also, try using an aloe vera gel instead of a moisturizer, you might find that helps, it moisturizes well plus it has awesome healing qualities for your skin. The first couple of weeks on retin-a is when your skin reacts the most, it will become adjusted to it and soon enough the harsh peeling will minimize. Retin-A worked wonders for me, my skin is now 100% and nowhere NEAR as dry as it used to be when I started. Stick to it and good luck! smile.gif

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I discovered after using retin-A for years that alpha hydroxy acid in the am really helps to deal with the pealing skin. This is because it disolves dead surface skin. It was my holy grail. I now use Tazorac and BHA (beta hydroxy acid). Start with low percentages, and definately don't ever scrub or use anything harsh on your skin like scrubs if you use the alpha hydroxy. Hope this helps you as much as me. This really makes your skin glow in a good way.

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