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Im 100% Clear!

I've used the DKR since the beginning of December, and at first, I broke out. I have always had mild, but annoying acne, and when it got worse, I thought of quitting. However, I stayed on it, and my skin really cleared up. However, I would always get a pimple here and there, no matter what I did. So a month and a bit back, I called up my doctor, and he put me on Minocycline.

Again, this site (no offense) has a lot more negative reviews for most products then positives, and Minocycline was no exception. I was still nervous about going on it, but one day I figured what the hell, and started taking it. The first two weeks, I had a small initial breakout, but I think being on the DLR helped keep it to a minimum.

For the last 3 weeks, I have been 100% clear! This means not even one small whitehead or blackhead! It's so nice to not have to worry about you skin anymore. In the morning, I can just get up, shower, and head to university. It's such a joy not having to spend your mornings in front of the mirror putting product after product on your face. All i do is the DKR at night, and a 100mg pill of Minocycline.

I thought that clear skin was an impossible dream, I had tried almost every product available, but thanks to Dan Kern, I am clear, and I'm not afraid to face the world!

Thank You!!!!! :dance:

- Jamie

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Indeed, great to hear you are all clear. But just a word of warning about Minocycline. I took it for about 10 years for acne but it gave me a big Candida problem, which was a battle to overcome all in itself. So just be careful of becoming reliant on the minocine. Best to try and eat healthily and supplement your diet with good vitamins and minerals. Zinc and chromium are well known for helping promote good skin.

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