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hey just a note

when i went to the derm with open wound as a result of touching a pimple on my forehead, she suggested to use duoderm once it healed and it reached the already skin there stage (when its healed, no scab, red skin). she said to use that to speed up the healing process. i did, and i used it once in a while on others and it does seem to help the indent and red go away probably a bit faster. i just used it now for a couple of days on a red mark that is new and it went away almost.

its thick material, indication is for open wounds, but since this is on the face, she did not tell me to use it on the wound...she told me the above, once its healed.

well i kind of don't like using it cause its sticky and I have to wash area twice or so for sticky stuff to come off, but it did seem to do some amazing stuff. i once had one on the side of my nose that looked like it was gonna be a hole, and there is nothing there. i also used retin'A long time ago and a bit on and off, but not on it now..u would have to be careful though for skin to not peel off. so i would suggest use it only if your skin is strong and not currently using massive amounts of creams that thin your skin. cause then u might end up peeling part of your skin off.

by the way i bought it at the pharmacy, don't think need prescription. its cheaper in my neighborhood if i go to a place that is next to the hospital, that sells hospital/rehab stuff. its cheaper than regular pharmacy...and they have it on the shelves over the counter. i pay $32 bucks for about 5 big pieces in the box. its not exactly cheap...

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