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3rd day AND IT SEEMS WORSE????!!!!!

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Hello everyone! I'm new on this board.... Anyway, I've used BP facial wash before and found it very drying. Since that time I've tried a lot of other acne remedies ( Proactiv, Salicylic acid, Dermacleanse, etc) to no avail. So now I'm back trying Dan's regimen. I'm on my 3rd day and it seems that my face got worse. About 5-6 new moderately sized red pimples came out all at once!!!!! And as expected, my face is starting to get really dry. I've started putting more moisturizer and hopefully it will lessen the dryness.... but I'm afraid and having second thoughts about sticking with the regimen. Did anybody else experience this???? Do you think it will get better???? I've read that pimples usually takes abt 2 wks before surfacing and I'm thinking these new zits are probably not caused by the BP.... but 6 all at once??? They also appear redder. Is an initial breakout expected? If so, about how long????? Please respond anybody...... sad.gif

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Im no expert (unless having acne for 9 years counts), but this is about a month and a half or so for me on the Regimen. Here is how my results were/are:

up to week 3 i noticed a small improvement.

at week 3.5 i had a huge breakout of whiteheads and an odd number of new red marks.

week 5: still red marks popping up, not knowing what to do, but keeping on the regimen anyway.

Week 7: A lot less whiteheads, hardly any compared to before, maybe 1 new ones every few days instead of every day. Red marks still prominent, but none new.

Week 8 (present): Red marks slowly fading and i havent had any new white heads in about a week (just 2 old ones from a week ago).

half way through the regimen, I added the ice method AND the hot towel method. At night i would first gently put a pretty hot towel on my face three times in a row. Next I put on a toner (the green one that comes with proactiv, if you dont have it no big deal). Then I rub an ice cube all over my face until it is almost fully melted, then wipe face with a towel to get off the water. With face still cold/cool I then apply a generous amount of BP. I let the BP sit for about 3-5 minutes then make an ice pack out of a sandwich bag and 4-5 ice cubes and keep my face cool for 10 minutes.

I really believe that both the hot towel and ice method are helping. The hot pack i believe works on the red marks, and the ice pack cools the face to keep swelling/inflammation down. To combat this, your body will send an extra amount of blood to the face to try and bring it back up to temperature, and with extra amount of white blood cells and such to try and kill the bacteria etc.

as of now my face is lloking about 10 times better than it did a week ago, but i will not knock on wood because i fear i will break out again, but i will try and keep you posted on how i do within the next week or so.


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Thanks guys!!! I'm gonna try the hot towel or the icing soon... hopefully it will work.... but won't using ice make the drying worse??? My skin except for my nose has gone so dry despite using moisturizer, especially my eyelid. And my skin tone has become so uneven because of the peeling/flaking... is that to be expected and will that improve in a few days or a few weeks time?

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Don't worry, breakouts are common in the first weeks or even 2 months or so. Just follow the regimen very precisely and it should work for you soon.


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