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My pictures. Seeking comments/suggestions for treatment.

Hello everyone.

I found this board the other day and thought I’d post to get direct information on what can be done about my acne scars. First off, a little background information on me: I’ve had acne scars for seven years as a result of a horrible experience with Acne Statin. Since then, I have been on Accutane (six years ago), have had Co2 laser surgery (five years ago), and have had dermabrasion (four years ago). The accutane did a wonderful job of curing me of any further damaging acne, though I still go through minor minor breakouts now and then. Nothing too bad though. The Co2 laser surgery did little in the way of improving my scars. It did, however, soften their appearance, though minimally. The dermabrasion did the same, but to a greater extent. As a result, my scars are much softer than they were originally, and aren’t quite as deep as they once were. They’re still prominent though. In the four years since dermabrasion, I haven’t done anything in the way of scar treatment. I just wash my face everyday with Clearisil Daily Face Wash and that’s it. Lately though, I’ve been in the mood to see what else can be done to improve, perhaps get rid of, my acne scars.

I would consider my scarring somewhere between moderate to severe. Most of the scars are relatively shallow (shallow in comparison to how deep they used to be), but are wide and are numerous, extensive. Others, like the ones along both temples, are still pretty deep.

I’ve posted pictures so that all of you may see the type and the extent of scarring that I have. I would greatly appreciate some constructive feedback, especially from those who’ve been here for a while. http://photos.yahoo.com/r_o_d_y_a

-What type of scarring do I have?

-How severe is the scarring? Before Co2 and dermabrasion, it used to be SEVERE (deep)! Now I’m not sure what it is. Just extensive, maybe?

-What treatments, other than Co2 laser surgery and dermabrasion, would you suggest I look into?

I’ve read a bit about Smoothbeam. Would that help any, especially with the relatively shallow and numerous scars? What about needling?

By the way, when I stretch my skin, nearly all of the scars disappear. So most are not bound. At least I don't think they are. I don’t know if that helps any, but I thought I’d mention it anyways...

Again, any feedback (except extremely harsh) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rodya.

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Hi Rodya:

- Your scarring appears to be mainly rolling scars.

- Severity is a subjective term, but in my experience moderate.

- Things you should research (in no particular order):




Fat Transfer


ALA/DMAE topical

SmoothBeam might help your more shallow scarring, but I am not sure if it would help your more severe scarring. I think something more invasive might be necessary.

I think that needling might be a good option for you. It's invasive and it stimulates collagen, plus you can get several treatments if needed.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

Looking at your pictures almost like looking at myself in the mirror..wow...

But mine is a bit worse than yours cause mine are a bit red-ish and my temple (left) has a bit wider and deeper scars than yours.


Why don't you try the lactic peel, papaya peel, and retina micro?? Then- you can look into smoothbeam as your next alternative. The peels won't fully correct your scars, but it will hopefully improve the 'tone' of your skin so perhaps it can improve the appearance of the scars.

Good luck!

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I had punch excisions about 4 1/2 years ago on HUGE pits. The PS took a "cookie cutter" type device and cut out around the holes in my face. He then took skin from behind my ear and plugged into the holes. I had to wear tan surgical tape for about a week on the holes. The skin grew together. The only thing is that I had about 7 done and on about 3 of them there is still some redness that I may try using mandelic acid for. But they look SOOOO much better - there are no longer any holes. Good luck. Tarmik

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