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Mandelic Acid - Question about dryness

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So I have read conflicting things about whether or not to moisturize with this serum. Can anyone let me know what is best to do. Also, I have also read that dryness is irritation and will cause more acne. Is this true and so should I moisturize with the Mandelic Acid so that I don't get to dry.

HELP. [-o<

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mandelic is NOT a moisturizer........I'm not sure who told you that, but it is an acid which attacks the outermost skin layer so it is drying. Some people experience this dryness using it 1x a day......with others it takes more to see the drying/flaking effects.

Hope that helps some.......

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What is your skin like? Is it oily? If so, you probably don't need to moisturize. If you have dry skin, then I would definitely moisturize.

People who say not to use moisturizer are saying that because they personally prefer to peel a lot. If you want less peeling, over a longer period of time then moisturize.

I agree with you that overdrying is not good for acne prone skin. Essentially, if your skin is crying out for moisture - moisturize.

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I know that Mandelic Acid is not a moisturizer.. I was wondering if I should moisturize with it.

Thanks OursFan.. I appreciate the post. I will see how if affects my skin, which is moistly oily, and see if it becomes to dry. I guess the best way to get rid of the acne scars is to let it peel as much as possible.

Also, if anyone can answer this.. is it okay to use a moisturizer that has glycolic acid in it while I am using the MA? Also, I use a face wash with SA in it. Is that okay too?

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moisturising is generally an essential aspect of day to day care for your skin. BUT.

When you're on the mandelic programme its a bit pointless using it for 2 reasons;

1) Your putting it on a layers of dead skin that the mandelic has dried out, so its a bit of a waste and doesn't do anything to nourish your skin.

2) Mandelic acid gets rid of marks by the process of exfoliation, taking off layers of skin to make way for the newer fresher looking skin, by using a moisturiser you're slowing the process down and the time it will take for improvement.


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you should do what i did,

use it every day, being quite generous with the amount and apply about 3 times a day.

After about 5 days your skin shoukd be very dry and flaky...time to stop.

stop using it for about 4 days, cleansing normaly and letting the flakes come off by facial scrubs....

also use aloe vera to cool down and prepare the newer skin for another 5 days of mandelic....and so forth

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