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I have some post hyper-pigmentation marks from acne.

My face is 95% clear of active pimples on any given day.

I think I have my face under control enough to begin to treat red marks/scars.

My questions here are about Microdermabrasion and other treatments that help with fading redmarks and acne scars.

First, I am looking for the best possible Microdermabrasion at home system I can use on my skin.

Here are a few I have found:



I want to choose what will be the best for my skin. To me, the second link has better ingredients within the cream. I am not sure what to choose.

Secondly, I know that I have to be using a moisturizer/sunscreen with at least spf 15. So I will be most likely choosing a Neutrogena product for this.

I also think that in combination with Microdermabrasion and Sunscreen I should be using something like Jojoba oil or Emu oil or Evening Primrose Oil to help my body and my skin speed up it's natural healing process. I think that this is where I will see some results.

Also what about internal treaments? Like Vitamin E or Zinc? Does anyone here have any information on internal treatments?

My routine would be something like:

Microdermabrasion ( 1-3 times per week or as directed )

Follow microdermabrasion treatment with application of non-comedogenic oils like a (Jojoba/Emu/Evening Primrose Oil) mix at night.

Followed by a Sunscreen with at least spf 15 during the day.

Thanks. :rolleyes:

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hey, i was thinking of getting this cloth. ive never used it but you could give it a try. the write up is very good but how truthfull it is, im not sure. I bought the african black soap to treat acne from this same store and i think it seems to work.


Hey I actually have a cloth already very similar to that: ( It's a micro-fiber cloth )

Derm-X Cloth - Use only every 2-3 days The Derm-X Cloth is a great way to improve skin tone, reduce blemishes and firm up those problem areas. Derm-X is a dermatologist approved, microdermabrasion cloth that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil, and dirt. It also eliminates blackheads & white heads! The DERM-X Cloth is great at bringing young and beautiful skin to the surface. Regular use also helps with skin discoloration, sun damage and even minor scarring. The Derm-X cloth is small but important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.

And using a cloth like this really does help but the important thing is to make sure you keep it clean.

What i'm looking for to add to my current regimine, is either a microdermabrasion cream or a microdermabrasion system.

If anyone else knows of some good brands/lines to try please drop me a line.

Thanks! :D

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Home microdermabrasion kits are good maintenance in between pro treatments. The thing about pro treatments is not just that they are a stronger exfoliant than a buffing cream, but also the suction they produce really gets the blood flowing to help speed healing. A series is best but even after the few days following one treatment most red spots are at least 50% lighter than before. Works much faster than home kits.

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Yeah but you can actually buy diamond microdermabrasion creme these days.... it does work better then corundom crystals. I like the ease of use with a at-home kit. That's what im looking for. Thanks.

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Yes, the home microdermabrasion systems have a cream with different types of abrasives in them. Just thought you might like to know the in-office ones work much faster...and that the reason is because of the suction just as much as the exfoliating power.

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